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Mr. Mitrache is member of the executive management of CEC Bank, as Managing Director – President of the Management Committee, starting with 4 January 2019.

During the period 2006-2015, Mr. Mitrache held the position of Managing Director of Leumi Bank Romania. Between 2000 and 2006, he was member of the Volksbank Romania management, occupying the positions of Deputy Managing Director and Vice-president of the Board of Directors (2000-2003) and Managing Director and President of the Board of Directors (2003-2006). He also occupied between 1997 and 2000, the position of Deputy Managing Director and Vice-president of the Board of Directors of Demir Bank Romania.

The banking career of Mr. Mitrache began and consolidated within the Investment Bank of Romania between 1983 and 1997, where he occupied important management positions as Deputy Manager of the International Department, Deputy Manager of the Central Exchange Operation Department, Deputy Manager of subsidiary, Head of Exchange Operation Service and Head of Financing Service.

Aside from the banking system, Mr. Mitrache activated as economist in the industrial production industry. 

He graduated the Economic Relationship Faculty within the Academy of Economic Studies of Bucharest. His academic background was completed by professional development courses and programmes in different banking fields as international and internal banking operations, factoring operations, credit analysis etc., organized by prestigious institutions as the Paris National Bank or Citibank.

Mr. Mitrache has published many press releases in magazines specialized in the financial economic industry (as "Bursa", "Piata Financiara") and recently he has launched a volume of historic literature (Maitre Negresco).