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With an experience of almost 23 years in the banking system (of which, 15 years in management positions), Mrs. Mirela Iovu joined the management team of CEC Bank in 2008, as Vice-president (a position she is currently fulfilling), advancing in this position from the Head of the Legal and Compliance Department within the Bank. Together with the Bank's Top Management, Mrs. Iovu contributed significantly to the process of transforming the Savings and Consignments House into a commercial, universal bank, having an essential role in creating an organizational culture suitable for the implementation of the new business strategy, the corporate governance according to the best practices. Inter alia, she laid the foundations of the compliance function, of the "laboratory" of banking products and services, leading for a while the implementation team of the "Digital Agenda", has centralized and developed the legal services.

She is a Doctor of Law, at the Faculty of Law, Bucharest, being licensed in legal sciences at the Faculty of Law within the "Lucian Blaga" University of Sibiu. She is also a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from City University of Seattle, USA and has a ICA Professional Postgraduate Diploma in Governance, Risk and Compliance from the International Compliance Association (ICA) in cooperation with the University of Manchester, Manchester Business School.

Mrs. Iovu attended several courses and internships at national and international level, in areas such as: mediation and other methods of alternative dispute resolution, compliance, internal governance, risk management, capital markets, financial and business restructuring, anti-fraud, business intelligence, digital banking & disruptive technologies. She is also an active member of several technical commissions of the Romanian Association of Banks, and since May 2007 she is the representative of the banking community as a permanent member of the Legal Payment Group of the European Payment Council (EPC) on the Single European Payment Area (SEPA) project.

She is president of the Association of Legal Advisers in the Financial-Banking System, founding member and general secretary of the European League for Economic Cooperation - ELEC - ROMANIA, as well as a member of other civic and industry NGOs and think tanks.

Also, Mrs. Iovu was invited to hold several courses, seminars and conferences on: the control system, governance, ADR, insolvency prevention, restructuring and recovery of credits, being a period and lecturer in the MBA program of City University of Seattle and Globaltraining Romania for the "Consumer behavior".