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People whose activity interferes with National Agency of Fiscal Administration and Ministry of Public Finance for on-line submission of the tax declarations and the declarations regarding the income tax using the National Electronic System (SEN)

People which want to submit on-line the Register of Employees, the fiscal declarations at the Inspectorate of Labor

Legal representatives, business managers in relationship with the Central Depository and the National Securities Commission, Official Journal, the Supervisory Commission of the Private Pension System

Legal persons which want to implement documents flows or communicate, legally, with their partners and customers

Individuals, legal persons and authorized persons in relationship with National Office of Trade Register for: 
- setting up companies;
- individual registration and authorization;
- submitting accounting situations (application, balance); 
- applications frequently used in this relationship.

Individuals which want to electronically sign documents with legal value

Individuals which derive income from: 
- independent activities (trade, free professions, intellectual property rights); 
- leasing the use of property; 
- agricultural activities;
- forward foreign currency transactions; 
- transfer of securities (shares) for submission of the declaration regarding the income tax.

Entities that communicate electronically and want to observe the principles of authenticity, integrity, non-repudiation and confidentiality