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Starting with April 9, 2020, personal loan loans and consumer loan refinancing benefit from free life insurance and unemployment.

No advance

No file analysis fee

Without early repayment fee

Free life insurance and unemployment, in the case of variable interest credit

The Bank offers free advice on how to prepare loan documentation

Possibility to use the Internet Banking and Banking Mobile Services for viewing the loan status (balance, rate, due date), but also for current operations (payments, deposits)

Loan destination: non-named personal needs (no obligation to present supporting documents on the use of loan)

Currency: LEI

Amount of loans granted: maximum lei 20,000

Own contribution: not required

Lending period: minimum 12 months / maximum 60 months

Grace period: 0

Draw period: up to 30 calendar days in one tranche

Loan repayment: in monthly installments with allowed maturities on any day between 5th and 20th of the month

Customer's age at final loan repayment: up to 70 years, inclusive

Types of income accepted by the Bank: permanent certain net income (salaries etc.)

Interest rate:

- Variable over the entire lending period: 10,64% (IRCC + 8.20 p.p.)

For collateralised credit: 7.94% (IRCC + 5.50 p. p.)

The current IRCC index level taken into account is of 2.44% on the basis of the IVQ 2019 quotation published on December 31, 2019 on the National Bank of Romania website.

Interest changes quarterly on January 1, April 1, July 1, and October 1 of the year, or on the first business day immediately following the first day of the quarter, if the first of the quarter is a non-working day, in accordance with the provisions Emergency Ordinance no. 19/2019 for amending and supplementing some normative acts. The Index is published quarterly by the National Bank of Romania on the Institution's website and is calculated in accordance with the Rules on the calculation and publication of the daily index and of the quarterly reference index regulated by GEO 19/2019.

- Fixed over the entire lending period: 11%

Valid fees in both interest rates:
File analysis fee: lei 0
Loan management fee: lei 20 (monthly, fixed amount)
Early repayment fee: lei 0
Unique fee for services provided at clients' request: lei 0
Early repayment fee: 0 lei

Other cost items not included in the APRC calculation, namely: Enrollment / extension / modification (as the case may be) and cancellation costs for the pledges on current and future credit balances of client’s / debtor’s current accounts and debit card accounts of the customer with the Electronic Archive for Security Interests in Movable Property.

Loans interests (.pdf)

Loan fees (.pdf)

Examples of calculation - Standard Products (.pdf)