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Pay and you will receive rewards!

Each time you pay by CEC Bank Mastercard credit and World, to the merchandisers, including the virtual ones, you will receive bonus points you can convert into attractive rewards as gadgets, toys for children, spa treatment packages or paraglide flights. A wide range of gifts is available for you and for this reason we invite you to choose them from the Mastercard Rewards Programme Catalogue.

See now the information about CEC Bank Mastercard Rewards Programme.

How can you access the Programme?

Enrollment in the Programme is free of charge! Ask for a form in any of the CEC Bank units and file-in.

You can also download it by click here and after filing-in it you may submit it to the nearest CEC Bank unit.

Activate your account.

Make the trading transactions, accumulate points and choose the gifts you want!

How can you accumulate points?

You will receive one loyalty point for each lei 2 spent by using CEC Bank Mastercard credit card or for each lei 4 spent by using CEC Bank Mastercard World. You can accumulate your own bonus points with those of other CEC Bank Mastercard cards’ users – relatives, colleagues or friends enrolled in same Programme – to purchase the gifts you want in shorter term.

How to check the accumulated bonus points?

Click on "Log in" above, sign into the program and you can view the main page, in the top right, marked simply "points" or in the left corner, clicking the tab "My Points".

What are the benefits included in the CEC Bank loyalty “Mastercard Rewards” Programme?

Find here more details.

Terms and conditions

Discover the full list of benefits CEC Bank offers you by Mastercard credit and Mastercard World (click here on the image):

Mastercard World
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credit card