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CEC Bank Cards embedding contactless technology shall enable you to operate fast and secured operations by simply bringing the card near the ATM, without inserting it in the ATM.  You can make, in this way, payments to any retailers in the country or abroad, whenever you see the  /Visa payWave logo or the symbol 

A contactless payment can be made only after entering the operation amount or after the transmission of the relevant amount by the cash register to the acceptance terminal, by simply bringing the card near the card reader area signalized with the  symbol. For operations in amount lower than Lei 100, generally no PIN code is requested. In case of operations in amount higher than Lei 100, entering of PIN code shall be requested in order to approve the operation. Operation shall be close-out by displaying the message „approved” on the ATM display.

Contactless functionality can be enabled/disabled at any of the Bank's ATMs.

CEC Bank Cards with Contactless technology
- Standard Mastercard Debit Card
- Mastercard Credit Card
- Mastercard World Card
- Visa Classic
- Visa Platinum
- Visa debit
- Visa Gold
- Visa Affinity
- Visa Cadre Militare