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1. To be sure that the User/Customer receives the relevant information, according to his/her preferences and navigation behavior, the CEC BANK SA website uses cookies.

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CEC BANK SA may direct the use of cookies per session (such cookies can remain installed on the User/ Customer terminal until the completion of the session or closing of the web browser or can be fixed, being stored for an undetermined period of time or until their manual deletion by the User).

2. Cookies are used by CEC BANK SA and its partners (marketing and publicity agents) to evaluate the performance of the website and to cumulatively and anonym analyze of the manner of using the pages of our website.

3. With a given frequency, CEC BANK SA and partners can use web beacon. Beacons enable obtainment of information as IP address of the computer that downloaded the page displaying the web beacon, the URL of such page, the timeframe during which such page was viewed, the type of browser used to view the relevant page and the cookie information setup by us or by our partners.

4. Through cookies and web beacon technology, the information obtained and shared is anonym and can not be individually identifiable. It does not contain the name, address, telephone number or email address of the User, all the pieces of information collected being encrypted not to enable their accessing by unauthorized persons.

5. Installation of cookies can be restricted by the User/ Customer at the level of the web browser settings used, with the risk of affecting some of the functionalities existing in the website pages.