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  • The yearly interest rate is one of the lowest on the market: 4,91% for lei and variable (IRCC+2,5%).
  • You can also refinance old investment credits, to lower your monthly pay
  • The income we use to calculate the maximum amount you can get will include all the family's permanent revenues
  • Purpose of the loan: house and land purchase, house building, modernizing/consolidation of buildings, refinancing other loans, etc.
  • Grace period up to 360 days
  • Zero down payments for refinancing
  • Free access in the first 3 months to the loan’s status (sold, interests, payments) and current operations (payments, deposits) via Internet Banking and Mobile Banking

Buying a new home is probably one of the most important decisions one can take. CEC Bank is offering the lowest interest rate on the market of loans against mortgage of immovable properties: 4,91% (IRCC+2,5%). You can buy old homes, new homes or land for constructing, rehabilitations, consolidations, extensions, including refinancing old immovable proprieties credits. 

Borrowed value:
Repayment time:
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Mortgage Credit with variable interest
Interest *:
First Rate:
Monthly Administrative Commission:
Analysis commission:
Total refund:
Mortgage Credit with fixed interest
First Rate:
Month Administrative Commission:
Analysis commission:
Total rambursare:

* Fixed margin format + IRCC

At the request of the clients, the Bank may grant loans in euro only if they prove the obtaining of income in euro.

Recurring income is collected in the account and the account is used for payments or transfers, other than transfers between own accounts / commission debits.
Recurring income means the income (eg salary, pension, rent, etc.) collected monthly in the account, at least 3 consecutive months, amounting to at least 700 lei / month. Revenue from
gambling is not considered recurring income.

  • Currency: LEI or EURO – for those who receive their income in EURO
  • The maximum amount you can get is: 2.800.000 LEI/ 700.000 EURO*, depending on payment capacity
  • The set payback period: 35 years (mortgage) or 30 years (immovable property and refinancing)
  • 15% down payment for lei loans, 30% down payments for euro loans. 0% down payments for rehabilitation, consolidation, extensions and modernizations credits
  • Required documents: ID, ownership documents
  • Warranties: the house you will buy/build for the Mortgage loan or any other immovable property for refinancing
  • Free access to the loan’s status and current operations via Internet Banking and Mobile Banking

You can apply to the Loan against Mortgage of Immovable Property if:

  • You are a Romanian citizen
  • You had a fixed income in the past 3 months
  • You have a good payment history
  • You own immovable property that can be taken into warranty and you have a natural calamity insurance for the mortgaged property
  • You are 18 and you will be at most 70 at the end of the loan payment schedule (or 75 for refinancing) 
  • Variable interest rate:

- Mortgage loan: 4,91% yearly for lei (IRCC+2,5%) or 4,71% yearly (EURIBOR 6M+5%) for euro
- Immovable property loan: 5,81% yearly for lei (IRCC+3,40%)
- Refinancing: 4,91% yearly for lei (IRCC+2,5%) sau 4,71% yearly (EURIBOR 6M+5%) for euro

  • Analysis fee: 500 lei (Mortgage and immovable property loans), 250 lei (refinancing)/ 150 euro (refinancing) și 100 euro (refinancing of immovable property loan)
  • Monthly administration fee, appliable to the current amount: 0,04% or 0,05% for refinancing 
  • Zero anticipated repayment fees


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