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Flexible repayment methods and guarantees

Fast settlement of the loan application

Advantageous lending term, with the option of extending the credit line term for new similar terms

Visualizing of the financial status and of the current account/card transactions via Internet Banking and Mobile Banking Services provided by the Bank

- to cover the current need for working capital;
- to roll-over some credit lines contracted with other financing institutions

Eligible customers: any legal person customer with satisfying financial results and a good background, in terms of paying conduct, as debtor to the State, business partners and credit institutions, according to the internal rules of the Bank.

Credit line amount: it shall be correlated with the working capital need of the firm, its financial cycle and its repayment capacity.

Currency: LEI/EUR/USD

Lending term: maximum 24 months, with the option to extend it

Lending term during promotional campaign: maximum 60 months, with the option to extend it

Guarantees: any guarantees or mix of guarantees among those agreed by the Bank with

Repayment: options to make final repayment any time throughout the credit line term

CEC Bank credit line image