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There are repayment options and flexible guarantees

During the facility revolving period, the customer pays only the interest afferent to the amounts under the credit line used for investments

The Loan Application is quickly resolved

Visualizing of the financial status and of the current account/card transactions via Internet Banking and Mobile Banking Services provided by the Bank

The Bank offers consultancy free of charge regarding the preparation of the loan access documentation

There is the option to open with the Bank, special current accounts

The customers benefiting of non-reimbursable financing as State subsidy have access to such credit facility
Eligible customers: any entity meeting the general crediting requirements and the eligibility criteria established by the Bank and submitting to the Bank, the Finance Contract / Agreement with/from the Ministry of Public Finances or the Competent Authority.

Credit Line Destination
- partial or full pre-financing of the State subsidy afferent to the investment projects meeting the requirements for obtaining the State subsidy;
- co-financing the eligible costs, usually without VAT, afferent to the investment projects meeting the requirements for obtaining the State subsidy.

Credit Line Value: up to 85% of the total value of the project (eligible and non-eligible costs)

Own contribution: minimum 15% of the total value of the project but not less than the amount representing the non-eligible costs afferent to the project, others than VAT.

Lending Period: maximum 10 years, established according to the expenses incurred from the credit line, the duration of the implementation of the investment projects, the duration of the collection of the state aid and the repayment capacity of the client. The crediting period may be extended up to a maximum of 12 years provided that the normal life of the financed investment is equal to or longer than the crediting period.

Currency: LEI and EURO

Any guarantee or mix of guarantees of those accepted by the Bank (mortgages on real estates, pledges on securities, pledge on movable goods, collateral cash, mortgage over the receivable, fidejussion, bank letter of guarantee or guarantee letter issued by a Guarantee Fund agreed by the Bank) can be submitted. In addition, the pledge on the current accounts or sub-accounts of the customer, opened with the Bank (including the special account) shall be established in favor of the Bank.

Running Method:
 - revolving during the investment project implementation period, usually for a period of maximum 3 years (including the period forecast for the settlement of the last installment), followed by the determination of fixed maturity terms for the credit line balance not reimbursed at the end of such period; 
- during the revolving period, the withdrawals from the credit line shall not exceed the project implementation period (unless exceptional cases, when there is allowed, under the Finance Contracts signed by the beneficiaries with the Competent Authorities, the submittal of the reimbursement applications subsequent to the project implementation deadline).

Usually, the credit line balance existing on the date of investment implementation finalization shall be monthly repaid. In cases very well grounded, according to the specific of each customer business, the maturity dates can be quarterly / half-yearly / seasonally established, repayment being made in equal or unequal installments, as the case may be.