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The Money Channel transmite live din Palatul CEC

Monday, 8 March 2010, the channel The Money Channel transmitted life from the CEC Palace a special edition dedicated to the successful women.

There were invited Veronica Toncea, President of Rural Credit Guarantee Fund, Mrs. Mirela Colteanu, Marketing manager and PR for Luisa Spagnoli Company,  Mrs. Mirela Iovu Vice-president of CEC Bank on behalf of CEC Bank, Mrs. Mihaela Popa, CEC Bank vice-president, Mrs. Doina Topala, manager of the SME directorate, Laura Mihai, Manager of the Large Customers Directorate, Mrs. Oltea Belciuganu, Manager of the Marketing and Communication Directorate, Mrs. Simona Andrei, Manager of the Financial Directorate and Mrs. Ioana Onofrei, Leader of the CEC Bank Trade Union.

Mrs. Andreea Negru and Mrs. Eli Roman were the moderators of the show, comperes of The Money Channel shows.  They have discussed for two hours about the challenges and the satisfactions that those women had in the course of their professional career, and also about how they have succeeded to bring together this role and the wife and mother role.