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CEC Bank la Gala Bancheri de top 2010

Tuesday, 20th July 2010, at the 2010 "Top Bankers" Gala organized by FinMedia Press Trust, our Bank has received two awards for the best dynamics of the assets of a bank within 1-10 ranks and for the best loan/deposit ratio.

The event, at its third edition, included a round table on financial-banking topics, the launch of the forth edition of the "Top Bankers" Magazine and the grant of different awards to the banks for their financial performance in 2009.

The round table focused on discussing current topics as: „Impact of the national and international regulatory changes on the banking field", "Challenges faced by the Romanian banking market within the new economic and fiscal context" and "Strategy for client-bank relation improvement viewed by the banking services provider". At the discussions has participated also mister Radu Gratian Ghetea, the CEC Bank President and Romanian Banks' Association President, along with mister Ionut Dumitru, President of the Romanian Financial-Banking Analysts Association and of the Fiscal Council, mister Adrian Bulboaca, Managing Partner, Bulboaca & Associates, mister Balazs Vinnai, CEO, Ind Group and mister Eugen Anicescu, Manager of Coface Romania Insurance Department.

Then, the famous wine producers, "Segarcea Crown Domain", "Vinia Iasi", “Budureasca" and "Hallewood" wine cellars offered to the interested attendants wine degustation.

At the Gala, the "Top Bankers" Magazine, radiography of the Romanian banking system at the end of 2009, was launched. The magazine includes Romanian banks top and analysis, banking corporate, banking retail, debt recovery subjects, and also an interview with the President of CEC Bank.

At the event participated prestigious personalities from the Romanian banking field among which a part of the members of the CEC Bank management team: mister Gheorghe Carabasan, Prime Vice-president, mister Cristian Tudorancea, Vice-president, miss Mihaela Popa, Vice-president, miss Laura Mihai, Large Client Directorate Manager, miss Doina Topala, SME Directorate and miss Oltea Belciuganu, Marketing and Communication Directorate Manager.

In continuare, reputatii producatori de vinuri Domeniul Coroanei Segarcea, Vinia Iasi, Cramele Budureasca si Cramele Hallewood au oferit celor prezenti interesante degustari de vinuri.

In cadrul galei a fost lansata si revista „Bancheri de Top“, o radiografie a sistemului bancar romanesc la finalul anului 2009. Publicatia cuprinde topuri si analize ale bancilor romanesti, subiecte de corporate banking, retail banking, recuperare de creante, dar si interviul cu Presedintele CEC Bank.

La eveniment au participat personalitati de prestigiu din mediul bancar romanesc, printre care si o parte dintre membrii conducerii CEC Bank: domnul Gheorghe Carabasan, Prim vicepresedinte, domnul Cristian Tudorancea, Vicepresedinte, doamna Mihaela Popa, Vicepresedinte, doamna Laura Mihai, Director Directia Clienti Mari, doamna Doina Topala, Directia IMM-uri si doamna Oltea Belciuganu, Director Directia Marketing si Comunicare.