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CEC Bank 2014 premiul Most Trustful Bank

Wednesday, 10th December 2014, within the nineteenth edition of Awards Gala of “Financial Market” Magazine, CEC Bank received the "Most Trustful Bank" prize.

The prize was handed to Mr. Radu Gratian Ghetea, CEC Bank President General Director. Referring to this event and the prize granted to the bank, he declared:

“It is uplifting to be the exponent of 150 years of banking history and culture. CEC Bank is, in present, a guarantor of value and trust earned over time. We are proud that our institution has succeeded, both through its main values: stability, trust and honesty, and the perseverance and the professionalism of the team which I belong to place in top of the customers’ preferences. On this occasion I wish to thank those more than six thousand colleagues which I represent and next to which we wrote and keep writing pages of history. In the current economic climate, I consider that it is our duty to support the Romanian business environment. CEC Bank was and is a bank that supports the SMEs, agriculture ant territorial administrative units, stimulates consume, but, in particular, it helped to accelerate the absorption of European funds”.

The annual prizes of the “Financial Market” magazine rewards the performances from the banking sector and highlights the notable achievements from economy. Already in tradition, the event of this year took place at the headquarters of the National Bank of Romania and brought together personalities from the banking sector and from the most important Romanian and foreign companies.