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Thursday, July 17, this year, at the Gala for awarding the prizes "Top Bankers", CEC Bank has obtained the prize for the broadest territorial units network held at the end of 2007. 

The festivity was organized in Atlas room in Radisson SAS Hotel and gathered remarkable personalities of the banking life, presidents, vice presidents and general directors of commercial banks, BNR Governor's advisors, financial analysts and representatives of the banking related sectors. 

The "Top Bankers" catalogue is a publication focused on the banking industry which objectively analyzes both the quantitative indicators (assets, network, profit, clients, credits, deposits etc) and quality indicators (assets and capitals efficiency, cost/income ratio, employees' efficiency, territorial units' efficiency and their capitalization etc) The publication contains editorials, up-to-date analyses of the relevant market, ideas and opinions of 33 former and current top bankers, new information about the world banking dynamics, alternatives, challenges and trends.