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CEC Bank, cea mai eficienta in comunicarea cu presa, pe internet 2008

CEC Bank was the first, on the same position with Eximbank, in the top of the banks with the most efficient communication with the press, on the Internet. The top was made in the week from 20 to 24 October, by the advisory agency Selenis and was based on a research of the numbers of usage of the corporate website of the first 20 banks of Romania, according to the market share.

The study was made in the period in which the banking sector was in the centre of the press and public opinion attention. Many concerns have been addressed to the banks, as: concerns related to their solidity, to the increase of the interest rates, to the speculative behaviours, to the freezing of the mortgage credits etc.

The study of Selenis agency aimed to determine the transparency of the Romanian banks through the corporate websites (of PR). It also aimed to determine to which extent they offer relevant information and facilitate the access to this information, to which extent they succeed to explain the events and to convince the public regarding their actions.