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CEC Bank joined the "Planting Good Deeds in Romania" approach, supporting financially and logistically the planting of 7,500 oak saplings on a plot in the town of Popesti-Leordeni, Ilfov County.

Being present and joining the Bank's volunteer team on Saturday, November 10th 2018, the Vice President of CEC Bank, Mirela Iovu said: "I am so proud to represent today the Bank's Management, together with some other members of CEC Bank, at the planting of red oak saplings, celebrating the 154th anniversary of the establishment of this Bank and 10 years since we became an universal commercial bank. We chose the oak because we are Romanians and because it symbolizes our perenniality and stability and because, in the symbolism of CEC Bank, oak plays a central role. It was natural, therefore, to join a long-term Romanian initiative with a long-term impact in the community, especially as deforestations and landslides have reached alarming levels. It is intended to be the beginning of a long-term collaboration aimed at planting oaks in areas around the country."

The project is part of the national forestation initiative, carried out with the support of the volunteers of the EcoAssist Association - "Planting Good Deeds in Romania" and it was developed in partnership with the Scouts Local Centre called "Young Wolves" in Popesti-Leordeni, with the Popesti-Leordeni Local Council and Branesti Forestry Service. On Saturday, November 10th, about 1,500 people from Bucharest, Ilfov and Buzau planted on over 3.300 ha more than 20,000 red oak, ash, elm, lime and bark saplings for a future integration into the Popesti Leordeni Scouts Forest.