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CEC Bank - “Olympic Romania” trophy

Wednesday, 18th December 2014, CEC Bank received from the Romanian Olympic and Sportive Committee the “Olympic Romania” trophy. The event took place in the special environment of Council Hall from CEC Palace.

On the occasion of rewarding, Mr. Alin Petrache, president of the Romanian Olympic and Sportive Committee, declared: “It is an honor for us to give this trophy. We need Romanian symbols. The Romanian Sport has always given value, as well as CEC Bank has always given value in its activity. I hope to see you at 200 years, too!”

The prize was handed to Mr. Radu Gratian Ghetea, CEC Bank President General Director. Referring to the award given to the Bank, he declared: “We have a tradition in supporting the Romanian Sport. We have been supporting the Romanian Federation of Rugby for a few years, where Mr. Alin Petrache had a special role. It is the only team sport with which Romania participated in all world championships, and next year the Romanian team will participate, again, in World Cup. It is a pride for us to be together with the rugby team and we are, generally, together with the Romanian Sport”.