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Mirela Iovu primeste premiul Bussiness Arena 2011

Tuesday, 24 May 2011, at the gala "Most Admired Business Women Awards 2011" Mrs. Mirela Iovu, CEC Bank Vice President, was awarded the "Most Leading Corporate Executive Award" for leadership skills and passion with which she leads and inspires CEC Bank employees.

When receiving the award, Mrs. Mirela Iovu declared: "I like to think I can inspire the change of mentality in order to bring progress and efficiency within the organization. Over the next five years, CEC Bank will certainly continue to be a leading bank, with tradition, but dynamic, providing services to the highest standards of quality and professionalism, and the work environment will be very motivating." She was also urged women who want to have a successful career to have self-confidence, to be less modest and fight for their ideals.

On this occasion, Mrs. Vice President dedicated the award to all the ladies in the Bank, saying that they equally deserve the distinction received.

The event, organized by Business Arena magazine, is exclusively for female entrepreneurship or which hold key positions in companies. The awards recompensate the creativity and management skills, as well as the contribution to company success.