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Monica Grovei la Palatul CEC

The “Queen of Colours”, as her admirers call her, painter Monica Gorovei returns to the CEC Palace with an exhibition of paintings, graphics and gouache works. The works on display are signed by the artist herself and two guests of hers, namely Sanziana Vizinteanu and Cosmin Adrian Stanciu.

Monica Gorovei is a member of the Fine Artists’ Union of Romania and she teaches at the “Nicolae Tonitza” Arts High-School in Bucharest. The artist has been awarded the “Gheorghe Lazar” prize for outstanding merits in the teaching and artistic activity, as well as two distinctions for her research activity in drafting school curricula and remarkable didactic results.

Sanziana Vizinteanu and Cosmin Adrian Stanciu are both graduates of the “Nicolae Tonitza” Arts High-School, as they are currently attending the Fine Arts University, specialising in Graphics. At the debut of their artistic career, Sanziana Vizinteanu displayed her talent in writing and dramatic arts, while Cosmin Adrian Stanciu made a name for himself in painting and dramatic arts.

“Monica Gorovei’s exuberant explosion of colour and vibrant, unmistakable nuances can be identified in outstanding landscapes, many of them set against the background of chromatic dominants. Monica Gorovei has a gift for playing with colours in seemingly monochrome compositions, which turn out to be genuine symphonic orchestrations with tinges of red, orange or blue” (Dragos Ciobanu, “Natiunea”, June 1995).

The event is scheduled for 16 May – 6 June 2007, in the Central Hall of the CEC Palace. Free entrance.