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Liceul Tonitza expozitie la Palatul CEC

The works of Monica Gorovei, who is both a teacher and a painter, together with those of the pupils in class VI B at the Nicolae Tonitza High School, are on display at a group painting exhibition devoted to spring. The event is hosted by the CEC Palace during 7-14 March 2007. 

At the opening of the exhibition, numerous pupils and parents attended a show that reminded them of school feasts of yesteryear. Having a waltz by Johan Strauss as background music, the children staged a spring mini-show, a fairy tale imagined by Ms. Gorovei.

"The exhibition and the entire artistic event were made possible by all children’s efforts. Some have helped in framing the paintings, others in transporting and laying them out. They are very proud of this joint exhibition at the CEC Palace", explained Ms. Gorovei.

The paintings depict floral motifs, in an extremely diverse chromatic range. Monica Gorovei’s philosophical-pictorial triptych, symbolising life, seems to observe the play of shapes and colours through which children-painters honestly express their joie de vivre.