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Radu Ghetea presedintele CEC Bank speaker la Conferinta Sibos 2014

Mr. Radu Gratian Ghetea, President of CEC Bank, has participated as speaker to the session "Boost: Banking on Open Source Today" within Sibos 2014 Conference, organized each year by SWIFT, which has deployed this year in Boston, during the period 29 September - 2 October.

In his speech, Mr. Radu Ghetea has specified that the commercial banks look always to the future with regard to the implementation of new technologies, regardless of speaking or not speaking about "real-time" in the field of payments. Mr. Ghetea has stated the following: "(...)Speaking about online sector, the bank business should be seen in terms of two distinct insights: one refers to payments, services to be provided by the bank to the customers, the other refers to risk area. When you assume a risk, technology might help you, but, in my opinion, technology could not replace the human reasoning and approach. In addition, there are regulations and rules to be taken into consideration, as those concerning the policy for prevention and fight against money laundering, which can bring restrictions for commercial banks in the development of the transactions with a customer. Therefore, the answer is positive regarding the adoption by banks of the innovation and new technology, banks following to make use of advantages provided by new technologies, but I am sure that such technologies could not make the banks to fully replace the human reasoning. Competition is very important, banks shall compete in order to implement new technologies, but those banks able to confine both insights shall enjoy of more recognition both from customers, as well as from the regulatory authorities".

Initially launched as a SWIFT seminary on banking operations, the event rapidly changes into a top business forum addressing the international financial community in view of enabling debates and collaborations in the field of payments, securities, cash management and trading. Sibos edition of this year brought together more than 7 300 persons. Allevo, the organizer of the session "Boost: Banking on open source today", is a Romanian private software company specialized in development of solutions for back-office operation processing intended to public financial institutions, corporate treasuries and SMEs.

Ms. Rodica Tuchila, Director of Romanian Banks Association, Mr. Mircea Mihaescu, Managing Director of Sberbank Digital Ventures, Mr. Matteo Rizzi, Partner of SBT Venture Capital and Ms. Corina Mihalache, CEO of Allevo, have also attended the event.