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Tuesday, May 22nd of this year, within the "Most Admired Business Women Awards 2018" Gala, Mrs. Mihaela Popa, CEC Bank Vice-president, has received the "Most Admired Business Woman of the Year" Prize, due to reaching at a high-level of recognition and admiration because of her success in business, her vision and her innovating leadership.

Mrs. Popa has dedicated the prize to all the ladies within CEC Bank making with her a very strong team, which, by the results of the last years, proved it is and it will remain the best team in the organization. 

Mr. Radu Gratian Ghetea, President and CEO of CEC Bank, attending the event, has addressed few words to the guests present in the conference room, cherishing the positive role and influence of the ladies whom he interacted during his professional career with. With the same occasion, Mr. Ghetea forwarded a prize for Leading Corporate Executive category.

The event was organized by Business Arena Magazine and awarded the creativity, the dedication, the passion and the professionalism of managing women from Romania.