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Mirela Iovu Vicepresedinte CEC premiata in cadrul Galei Woman in Power 2014

On Wednesday the current year Mrs. Mirela Iovu, Vice-president of CEC Bank, was granted an award within “Woman in Power 2014” Festivity. The event, that has been organised by Business Magazine, referred to the award of successful women in Romania, as a result of an analyse regarding the value of the businesses these women run, their notoriety, social or polyvalent involvement (collaboration with schools, academic carrier, written books). On taking the award, Mrs. Vice-President Mirela Iovu stated that the award was dedicated to all her colleagues in CEC Bank who deserved it equally.

Within the second edition of “Woman in Power” Festivity there have been presented the successful stories of the most powerful women in Romania and it was distributed to all the participants a piece of the catalogue “The most powerful 200 women in business”, including 200 stories or success formulas, life and carrier principles of the most important women in Romania occupying management positions.

The event took place at Hotel Intercontinental in Bucharest and gathered top managers, HR managers, experts in human resources, consultants, marketing and sales managers, financial managers and young people at the beginning of their carriers.