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Mirela Iovu, Vicepresedinte CEC Bank premiata la Gala Lady Lawyre

Friday, 24 October 2014, within the Lady Lawyer Gala, organized under the coordination of Legal Magazine Awards 2014, Ms Mirela Iovu, Vice-president of CEC Bank, has received the Excellence Award for Lawyer Profession Development, under the category Banking Institutions. Ms Iovu has dedicated the Award to all her legal advisor mates in the Bank, resuming the idea that a leader’s success and achievements do not owe only to the leader, but also to the contribution of each member of his/her team.

The Lady Lawyer Gala is a national release which is intended to celebrate ladies who succeeded in this profession over the years, to point on successful careers, but also to highlight that in Romania, women are a true force in law profession and particularly in business law. The event rewards the toughness, passion, vision, innovation, professional strictness and capability of lady lawyers to establish sustainable partnerships for the benefit of the companies where they work. The awarding Gala has also a social mission, 10% of the revenues being granted as donation to support the Association "Stop to Autism”.