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Radu Ghetea premiat de IAA Romania in 2011

Thursday, March 31, 2011, within the edition of this year's Excellency Awards International Advertising Association (IAA) Romania, Mr. Radu Ghetea was awarded the Senate Award IAA Romania "for his performance in banking, at the management of CEC Bank and as President of the Romanian Banks Association and for the significant contribution to the construction of one of the most powerful Romanian brands: CEC Bank".

On this occasion, Mr. Ghetea thanked the nearly 6.500 bank colleagues, as well as to partners from Brandient and Papaya, with the help of which CEC Bank brand was built in the last years.

IAA Romania Excellency Awards are designed to offer public recognition to persons who have contributed substantially, from professional and ethical points of view, at the evolution of marketing and communications markets. Among this year's winners is also included the team of the show "Romania, I love you" (Romania, te iubesc!,Pro TV), the organizer of events for the digital environment, Cristi Manafu, Petrisor Obae (Media Page) and IAB Romania, which along with PwC are making the survey regarding online advertising costs.

IAA Excellency Awards is in its fourth editionr and it represents "a symbolic reward for those who, through their vision and talent, have created new standards of Excellency in the communication industry".