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CEC Bank bancherul anului nine o'clock 2013

Thursday, on 30th January 2014, in the Men of the Year 2013 Awards Gala, the daily magazine Nine O'Clock has awarded Mr. Radu Gratian Ghetea with the distinction "Banker of the Year 2013", for his achievements in banking field as President of CEC Bank, which, in the last six years, constantly obtained profits and increased the portfolio of loans granted to the economic operators, in a difficult economic environment.

Upon taking his award, Mr. Ghetea has thanked the organizers, specifying that the distinction confirms the pro-active CEC Bank involvement in funding the companies and especially the SMEs and the PLAAs (public local administration authorities). Thanks to the efforts of more than 6 400 employees of the Bank, it obtained an increase of more than 8% on the segment of funding the legal persons, in the context of a decrease of 3% in the overall banking system on such segment.

The CEC Bank President also has noted that due to the strategy followed, CEC Bank constantly obtained profits in the last 6 years, and he has expressed his confidence that after the audit of results, it will be proved that the Bank obtains profits also in 2013.

The event, at its 23rd edition, took place in Intercontinental Hotel in Bucharest, and joined presidents and CEOs of banks and businessmen in Romania and from abroad, heads of diplomatic missions, personalities of the cultural life and representatives of the written and electronic press.