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Internet Banking Platform Features

Internal and external, intra and inter-banking payments, in lei or in foreign currency 
Payments to the State Treasury
Payments of taxes and dues through the convention concluded with the MINISTRY OF PUBLIC FINANCE (an option available to clients – natural persons)
Transfer from the standard type credit line to the current account, in the case of legal persons
Planning the regular payment orders 
Standing orders - payment orders having indicated a certain date for the execution of the payment, other than the current date 
Currency exchanges at firm or negotiated exchange rate 
Deposits - constitution, liquidation 
Reports: account statements, operation background, balance visualization, financial statements 
Loading the payment files from the customers systems into the Internet Banking Platform


Mobility: access from any Internet connection 
Convenience, comfort 
Security: same protection level as for the informatics system of the Bank 
Time saving: processing time significantly reduced 
Lower costs per transaction - bank fees lower by 60% than those charged at the Bank pay desks. Also, starting February 2014, natural persons receive a 50% discount of standard subscription at Internet Banking - CEConline, if they opted for a MasterCard credit card or an overdraft facility on debit card and have not accumulated debts outstanding in the last 3 months. 
The deposits in RON made through the CEConline application benefit from a 0.10% interest bonus
Stress and crowd avoidance 
Availability - non stop, from any device connected to Internet

How could you obtain the Service?

To use this Service, you must, first of all, to have an account opened with one of the CEC Bank units. 
File in the contract for the use of the Internet Banking Service  - CEConline and the application for access/change of access to the Internet Banking Service  - CEConline. 
You will receive the user name and choose an authentication and authorization method with which you will be able to have non-stop access to the Bank products and services. 
A  subscription shall be monthly charged, according to the expenses and fees rate (a guarantee per DIGIPASS device shall be also retained).

The system security is warranted by the following measures: 

Customer - Bank communication is encrypted by using the 128 bit 3.0 SSL protocol 
Digipass, token in the form of a bank card and CEC Bank eToken are protected by a PIN required for authentication in Internet Banking Platform 
User access is based on a unique code generated by the chosen authentication and authorization method (digipass / token in the form of a bank card / eToken CEC Bank application) and a user name chosen by the client 
The digital signature of the transactions is made with the unique code generated by the chosen authentication and authorization method in order to ensure the non-rejection of the operations. 
The system security is increased by the network protection measures using the firewall devices. 
The system automatically disconnect an user after 10 minutes of inactivity 
The automat lock of the digipass / token in the form of a bank card after 3 erroneous attempts to enter the PIN code 
The automat lock of the user after 3 consecutive unsuccessful attempts to log to the Platform/authorize transactions.