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It is an Internet Banking Service offered by CEC Bank, ensuring your access to our banking products and services, 24 hours/day for 7 days a week. You can execute different banking operations from your office, from home or from anywhere in the world. All you need is a PC and a connection to Internet. You save time, money and comfort.

To use this Service you must have firstly a current account in lei opened with one of the CEC Bank subsidiaries/agencies. File in the contract for the use of the Internet Banking Service "CEConline" and the application for access / access change to the Internet Banking Service - CEConline. You will receive the user name and choose an authentication and authorization method with which you will be able to have non-stop access to the Bank products and services. A subscription shall be monthly charged, according to the expenses and fees rate (a guarantee per DIGIPASS device shall be also retained). In addition, all the operations made by CEConline benefit of a fee reduction by 60% compared to the fee rates charged to the pay desk

Mobility: access from any Internet connection;  
Convenience, comfort;
Security: same protection level as that for the informatics system of the Bank;
Time saving: processing time significantly reduced; 
Stress and crowd avoidance; 
Costs per transaction implicitly lower: fees by 60% lower than those charged at the Bank pay desk; 
Availability: non stop, from any device connected to Internet.

- the customer-Bank communication is encrypted by using the 128 bits 3.0 SSL protocol;
- digipass, token in the form of a bank card and CEC Bank eToken are protected by a PIN required for authentication in Internet Banking;
- user access is based on a unique code generated by the chosen authentication and authorization method (digipass / token in the form of a bank card / eToken CEC Bank application) and a user name chosen by the client;
- digital signature of transactions is also made with the code generated by the chosen authentication and authorization method, to ensure the non-rejection;
- system security is increased by the measures to protect the network by firewall;
- the system automatically disconnect a user after 10 minutes of inactivity;
- automat blockage of the digipass/token in the form of a bank card after 3 wrong attempts to enter the PIN code;
- automat blockage of the user after 3 unsuccessful attempts to log to the application.

Personal identification is made based on the username and access code. The username is chosen by you and may consist of a succession of maximum 8 alphanumeric characters and/or figures. For the digipass, the access code consists of six hexadecimal characters (digits 0-9 and letters A-F, b and d being the only lowercase letters to avoid being confused with figures 0 and 8). For the token in the form of a bank card and the eToken CEC Bank application, the access code consists of 6 digits.

The authentication device designed as a bank card is the device calculating a dynamic password known also as “one time password”, with which one user of the Internet Banking Platform of CEC Bank can identify itself for the access in the system and can authorize the operations ordered through the platform. This password is generated using the 3DES cryptographic algorithm and it is valid for a determined period of time. The device is protected by an access code called PIN (Personal Identification Number). Only knowing this code, you will be able to generate the password used by the INTERNET BANKING Platform.

eToken CEC Bank is the mobile token app, published on the App Store and Google Play Store, which facilitates user authentication in "CEConline" and authorization of transactions in the Internet Banking application.

To use the eToken CEC Bank application it is necessary to download it and install it by the user on a mobile smartphone terminal with Android OS version minimally 4.x or iOS version 8.x, unaltered (Jailbreak or root devices are NOT supported! ) With Internet connection.

To activate the eToken CEC Bank application, the SMS will be entered by the user after receiving the request in any CEC Bank agency.

The Personal Identification Number (PIN) of the digipass and the token in the form of a bank card is a 4-digit code that protects the above-mentioned authenticated authentication and authorization devices. This code is set by the customer upon receiving the digipass / token as a bank card and can be changed later. The PIN code for eToken CEC Bank is a 6-8 digit code set by the client for authentication in the application. It can be changed by the user whenever he/she deems necessary.
IMPORTANT! To ensure the security of the transactions, CEC Bank will recommend you NOT to write the PIN code in a visible place and even more, not on the authentication device.

After the digipass generates the access code made of 6 alphanumeric characters, keep pressed the button marked by a triangle for few seconds. On the screed will appear the message “NEW PIN”, and you must enter the new PIN code desired. After entering the 4 figures, on the screen appears the message “PIN CONF” and you must repeat the new PIN. If you enter for the second time the same new PIN, the message will be “NEW PIN CONF” and this PIN shall be the PIN code which will protect from now the DIGIPASS device. Otherwise, the message will be “FAIL” and you will have to resume the above procedure to change the PIN.

In the case of the token in the form of a bank card, after pressing the "ON / OFF" button, enter the current PIN, press the OK button, then the "SELECT" message on the "0" ) / "CHGPIN". After the "NEW PIN" message is displayed, enter a 4-digit PIN code and then press the OK button. After the "CONFIRM" message is displayed, re-enter the PIN to confirm, and then press the OK button. If it is correct, the message "SUCCESS" appears. If a second PIN is entered (for confirmation), it is not identical to the first, the message "FAILURE" and immediately "NEW PIN" appears and the client has to resume the process described above.

In the eToken CEC Bank application, after login, the Settings menu, the "Change PIN" submenu, the old PIN is entered, then the new PIN is entered twice (the second time for confirmation). After the new PIN is set, the new flag is displayed on the mobile terminal screen. If the wrong PIN is entered incorrectly three times in succession, the application is blocked and the message "Token was blocked" is displayed, it is necessary to contact the Call Center to send an activation code.

a) Digipass authentication device
If you enter a wrong PIN three times in succession, the message "FAIL 3 LOCK PIN" appears and the device hangs. To unblock it, you need to complete the following steps:
- call the customer support service from the bank at 0800 800 848 or + 40- (0) 21-202.50.50;
- Open the device by tapping the triangle button. It will display a code that you will have to send to the bank's staff;
- you'll get another bank-provided code, which you'll need to enter using the device keyboard. At this point, the device is unlocked and you can use it again after setting up a new PIN.

b) Authentication device in the form of a bank card If you enter a wrong PIN three times in succession, the following messages appear successively:
- PINERR> 1, PINERR> 2, and after PINERR> 3 is displayed: PUK>.
Waiting for the code to unlock the device. To find the code, the user will contact the Call Center service provided by CEC Bank and will communicate the card series. After correctly entering the PUK code communicated by the Call Center, the device is unlocked and you can use it again after setting up a new PIN.

c) eToken CEC Bank application
After entering the PIN code on the Mobile Terminal screen, the PIN flag is displayed. If the display does not match what you know, you entered the PIN incorrectly. You can press "No" to re-enter the correct PIN. If the user does not remember the clue and thinks that the correct PIN has been entered, then the eToken CEC Bank application will generate the wrong authentication / authorization code. When entering an authentication / authorization code 3 times consecutively, the access to the CEConline application is blocked, requiring contacting the Call Center to unblock the access.

In case of loss or theft of the digipass / token device in the form of a bank card / mobile terminal on which you have installed the eToken CEC Bank application, please immediately notify the Emergency Service by telephone + 40- (0) 21-202.50.50 or 0800 800 848 for blocking the Internet Banking user account / deleting the eToken CEC Bank service.

To be assisted in using the CEConline Service, CEC Bank offers you the following alternatives:
- a User Handbook informing you on the method to access different functions of the service - posted on the website ;
- one Help function proper for each type of operation as displayed by the Internet Banking Platform in the upper right part ( “?“);
- one user guide for the authentication devices - offered upon the signature of the contract, which may be also accessed online, on the website;
- technical assistance service by phone, at the phone numbers +40-(0)21-202.50.50 or 0800 800 848;
- technical assistance service by email at the address or by the message service within the Internet Banking Platform.

- visualization of the transactions and account statements;
- consultation of the current account reports (background, operations); 
- intra and inter-banking payments in lei; 
- intra and inter-banking payments in foreign currencies;
- planned (regular) payments; 
- pending payments (promissory notes having specified a payment due term other than the current day); 
- loading of the payment files from the customer platforms into the Internet Banking Platform; 
- currency exchanges at firm and negotiated (for amounts exceeding EURO 10,000 or equivalent) exchange rates;
- opening and liquidation of deposits; 
- remittance of the payment execution confirmation documents; 
- payments to the utility suppliers with whom CEC Bank has concluded agreements.

By the card account you can make INTRA-BANKING and INTER-BANKING payments as well as payments to the utility suppliers with whom the Bank has concluded agreements.

After making every transaction, verify the messages received from the Bank which you can visualize in the Messages/Received Messages Menu. These messages will contain the status of the operations transmitted to the Bank (“successfully processed”, “rejected with the error …..”, “to be executed on the next banking day”, etc.). 
IMPORTANT! The limit hour for processing each type of operation appears on the bottom of the screen.

Both the username and the PIN of digipass / token in the form of a bank card / eToken CEC Bank application are strictly personal. If you disclose them to a third party you do it on your own responsibility.

Yes. The CEConline Service may be accessed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, offering you access to the private information about your personal accounts anytime and anywhere in the world. However, due to technical reasons, sometimes the Service can be interrupted for a short time. The transactions ordered during the night and in weekend will be processed on the next working day. To verify their execution, please consult the messages received from the Bank in Messages/Received Messages Menu.

The operations with no charges made by using the CEConline Service are those in connection to the account balances and account statements, the operations between the own accounts (opening/liquidation, deposits and currency exchanges) and the intra-banking payments in lei, including payments to the utility suppliers with whom CEC Bank S.A. has concluded agreements.

“Phishing” is a fraudulent attempt to steal your personal banking information. Usually appears as a message supposed to be sent by the bank, where you must click by this operation being captured your banking information (access password, card number, etc.) Ignore such messages!
CEC Bank will never ask you for your CEConline connection (by phone or email) data. These codes are personal and they must not be disclosed to anyone.

Ignore the emails which are likely to be sent by CEC Bank, asking you the bank accounts, the card numbers or the CEConline security codes. These are sent by persons trying to steal your secret codes and to have, in such manner, access to your accounts.

Do not access the links found in email or on websites which redirect you to web pages where the account or card number and/or CEConline security codes are required from you. If you receive such suspect email, please immediately redirect it to the email and then delete it from your email box.