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Starting with 2007, CEC Bank has actively involved in supporting the European policies and the European programs, under the Convergence objective, the Commune Agricultural Policy, the Commune Policy of Fishing or the programs of European Territorial Cooperation.

There have been funded eligible projects for the development of the industry, agriculture and rural infrastructure, tourism, rehabilitation of the urban infrastructure, rehabilitation of the water and sewerage networks or development of the human resources.

According to the Bank’s mission of supporting the agriculture, a significant weight from the value of the loans to access European funds granted by the Bank is represented by the loans for financing the projects performed through the National Program of Rural Development. There have also been important the projects performed within the Regional Operational Program or Sector Operational Program Increasing of the Economic Competitiveness. 

For ensuring some funding at attractive costs, together with the own sources of the Bank there have been attracted new sources, within some partnerships concluded with international financial institutions, as it is the case of the agreements concluded with European Bank of Reconstruction and Development or European Bank of Investments.

Also, complementary to financing for projects of accessing European funds, there have been granted attractive financing which supported the development of the companies through the development of the funds allocated within the Jeremie Initiative or the Romanian-Swiss Program for SME’s. 

As the year 2015 was the last year of implementation of the projects related to the Programming period 2007-2013, at the level of the Management Authorities there were taken a series of measures, depending on the value, complexity and stage of the investments to support customers in completing the projects in progress:

  • the partial support of the projects from the allocated fund for the Programming Period 2014-2020, as it is the case of PNDR projects;
  • the support of the expenses that exceed the date of 31st.12.2015, from the own sources of the customers, so that within a certain term established by the involved authority to be achieved the objectives of the project, as it is the case of the projects falling in the Regional Operational Program, the Sector Operational Program Increasing of the Economic Competitiveness or the Operational Program of Fishing;
  • phasing of the strategic projects, so that a part to be achieved during the Programming Period 2014-2020, as it is the case of the projects falling in POS Environment or POS Transport.

Depending on the measures specific to each program, CEC Bank is close to its customers in order to offer counseling and find punctual solutions of continuing the financing and completion of the projects in the maximal terms approved by authorities.