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Obtaining the financing in lei, without the client’s assuming the foreign currency exchange rate

Extremely advantageous interest conditions

Without payment of the analysis, granting and advance reimbursement commissions

Free assistance within the Customer counseling office dedicated to SMEs and supporting the European funds accessing projects from every county

Support for the identification of the most adequate financing solutions

Easy access to average term financing

Maturities adjusted to the needs of every customer depending on the specifics of the developed activity

Flexible guarantees, including guarantees granted by FNGCIMM of up to 80% of the loan’s value

Flexible reimbursement modalities adjusted depending on the specifics of the customer’s activity

The financing situation may be visualized by using the Internet-Banking services insured by the bank
Loan Scope:
- making investments to develop SMEs businesses, the amounts being used only for covering expenses provided for in the investment plan, namely for purchasing fixed tangible assets (lands related to the investment achievement, buildings, equipments, IT software, construction and professional, scientific and technical activities etc.) and intangible assets (patents, trademarks etc.) under the Programme.

Eligible customers: SMEs, as defined according to Law No 346/2004.
By enterprise shall be understood any form of organization of an economic activity, authorized according to the law in force to perform production, trade or services provision activities, on competing market, namely: companies regulated by Trading company Law 31/1990, republished as further amended and supplemented, cooperative organizations, certified natural persons, entrepreneurs holding individual or family enterprises, authorized according to the legal provisions in force, associations, foundations, agricultural cooperative organizations or farms, developing economic activities.
Also the private medical practices shall be deemed eligible, if organized based on Government Decision No 124/1998 (republished).

Loan Term:  maximum 7 years

Guarantee Period: maximum 1 year

Draw Period: it shall be established by the Bank pursuant mutual agreement with the Customer and it shall be written in the Loan Agreement.

Loan Amount: maximum 85% of the overall investment amount, up to a maximum equivalent of 300,000 CHF, respectively 1,098,480 lei for loans based on initial ceiling and maximum 1,279,680 lei for loans based on additional ceiling

Own Contribution: minimum 15% of the project value

Currency: Lei

Interest Rate: 6M ROBOR + 1%

Special Fees
- Loan management fee: 0.5% of the loan value, retained upon loan draw; 
- Analysis fee: 0%;
- Granting fee: 0%;
- Early loan repayment fee: 0%.

Guarantees: Guarantee constituted by FNGCIMM for maximum 80% of the loan value and/or any other guarantee or mix of guarantees from those agreed by the Bank, including assets to be purchased under the Programme.

Loan Repayment
The due terms may be established by mutual agreement with Customer, monthly, quarterly or half-yearly, according to the special activity developed by each Customer.

The Programme shall be subject to the rule on Minimis aids.