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- partial or integral pre-financing of the grant related to the projects
- co-financing of the eligible expenses
- partial financing of the ineligible expenses
- refinancing loans granted by other banks, to finance investment projects of European funds, regardless of their implementation status

- it is granted for complex projects at which the grant is collected in several installments
- revolving during the implementation period of the projects plus 90 calendar days for receipt of the last tranche of the grant
- establishment of fixed maturities for the irredeemable balance at the end of this period

Duration: maximum 10 years. The lending period may extend up to a maximum of 15 years, provided that the normal life of the funded investment is equal to or longer than the lending period.

Own contribution:
- own contribution for public beneficiaries is 0 (zero)
- own contribution for private beneficiaries shall be of minimum 15% from the total value of the project minus the grant
For projects relating to the simple procurement of goods and equipment, own contribution shall be between 1% - 5% of the total value of the project value minus the grant

Funding value:
- 100% of the total value of the project for public beneficiaries (AAPL)
- total value of the project minus own contribution, calculated as indicated above for private beneficiaries

Currency: LEI or EURO