Benefits The annual interest rate is fixed, for each incorporation period (1 month). Interest is transferred monthly to your current account. Characteristics The minimum amount for establishing the guarantee is provided in GEO no. 77/2009, for each electronic car with winnings, the casino table or for each location. The deposit period is 1 month, with automatic renewal and monthly payment of interest on the current account. The deposits are constituted exclusively in LEI The constitution and subsequent updating of the guarantee fund is performed by transfer from the current account. The amounts are permanently at the disposal of the territorial fiscal body, where the economic agent is registered.


The deposit is opened based on the "Application for the issuance of a letter of bank guarantee", completed by the client and the "Convention for the opening and operation of the collateral deposit account for guarantee regarding the organization and operation of gambling". After setting up the deposit, CEC Bank issues a Letter of Bank Guarantee in favor of the territorial fiscal body at which the economic agent is registered, for a period of one year from the date of issuance.


The liquidation of your deposit is done by transfer to the current account, based on the written approval from the territorial fiscal body and the Gambling Authorization Commission within the Ministry of Public Finance. Interest rate The annual interest rate on this deposit is 0.50%.