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ATTENTION ! Be vigilant and protect your electronic identity!

Do not answer requests to disclose PINs, passwords, data entered on your debit or credit card, personal data of identification - even if those persons who contact you recommend themselves as being employees of CEC Bank - or any other security information on your cards, except in the case when you, personally, contact the Bank and you are prompted for such identity checking information (even in these situations, you must not reveal your PIN codes or current passwords for Internet Banking or 3D secure).

CEC Bank or bank employees will never ask such disclosures, no matter the means you receive the request, if e-mail, SMS, phone calls or financial services provided by CEC Bank from a distance (Internet Banking –, TeleCEC: +4 021 211.11.11 etc.)

In a situation in which you are receiving such requests, do not give them course and contact Customer Support Service of the Bank - Telverde: 0.800.800.848, Phone: +40- (0)21-202.50.50, e-mail:

If you notice in your browser suspicious images that does not correspond to the Web pages of the Bank, the emergence of “pop-ups” asking you to enter confidential data or if you are unable to log-in to the Login page on the first try, please do not enter any other codes generated by the authentication device and notify immediately the Bank at the phone no.: +40- (0)21-202.50.50, whereas you might become a victim of an IT attack.