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The 3 D Secure Service of Secure E-commerce

The Internet - the starting point of the on-line commerce, both for the users of Visa and Mastercard cards and for traders.

Enjoy, now, the free time which is offered by the shopping on Internet!

You can buy on-line safely, thanks to the 3 D Secure technology implemented by the International Organizations of Visa and Mastercard cards which is offered, now, by CEC Bank for free!

Starting with December 2016, CEC Bank implemented a new method of authentication of the customers for the 3D Secure transactions, respectively the dynamic unique password associated to each transaction.

What is 3 D Secure?

It is a valid world standard of authentication of the customers’ identity, buyers in electronic environment, respectively Internet. The 3D Secure Service is based on an unique password associated to each transaction which ensures, thus, the protection of the card holder, through the authentication of his/her identity at the time of the transaction. The secure e-commerce system is found implemented on the sites of the traders under the name Mastercard Secure Code for the Mastercard cards and Verified by Visa for Visa cards and they can be identified through displaying the related logos:


CEC Bank offers the possibility of the enrolment at this service to all types of cards issued until the present, namely:
- Visa debit
- Visa Classic debit
- Mastercard debit
- Mastercard credit
- Visa Platinum credit
- Mastercard World
- Mastercard Business
- Visa Business

How the Service of the Secure E-commerce - 3 D Secure works?

Through securing against frauds of the both participants in a transaction in the e-commerce on-line, respectively the trader and the card holder. For security reasons, upon issuance, the card is blocked for transactions (payments) through Internet. If you want the card activation, it is necessary to enroll at the 3 D Secure Service. For this purpose, you must file an application at any CEC Bank unit. The enrollment is actually free.

For shopping on Internet you must follow 3 easy steps: 1. You pay through the CEC Bank card 2. You receive the unique password on the mobile phone 3. You finish the transaction introducing the password on the trader’s site

The password will be communicated through SMS from the numbers 1895 or 1867 to the mobile phone number declared at the Bank. The password is issued for each online shopping, being valid for 10 minutes. As far as the payments made by additional users of the cards, the password will be communicated on the phone numbers of these ones (if these phone numbers were previously declared at the Bank).

The phone number update

If the mobile phone number registered in the systems of the Bank is no longer valid, please call at the Support cards customers (004-021-202.50.50 – normal tariff), available non-stop or show up at any CEC Bank territorial unit for its update. The terms, the using conditions are presented in the Contract on the enrollment for the 3 D Secure Service of E-commerce – Natural persons and respectively Legal persons.

The benefits of the card holder

  • Security in using the cards on Internet
  • Comfort in shopping on-line
  • Avoidance and reducing the number of disputes and frauds
  • Without additional expenses for accessing
  • Using a wider, competitive and of a better quality market, by selecting the provider of a much greater number of traders comparing to the real environment.

The cards with using exclusively in Romania can be used for shopping goods and/or services but only from the sites of the traders from Romania.

The cards with international using can be used on all the sites of the virtual traders, both Romanian and foreigners.

Not every trader who owns a virtual shop is part of the secure e-commerce.

The traders enrolled in the 3 D Secure System can be identified if, when accessing the site, it is present one or both logos of the International Organizations of VISA and/or Mastercard cards: Verified by VISA and/or Mastercard Secure Code.

It is recommended using the sites of the traders with solid reputation, preferable the ones that displays the VISA and Mastercard logos for the secure e-commerce. If the Verified by VISA / Mastercard Secure Code password is used in public places, it is necessary not to permit the people around to see it.

It is recommended using the PCs equipped with anti-virus programs.

Disabling the sites accessed from home or in public places after finishing the operation.

Giving up making a purchase if some elements completed in the accessed site are considered "strange".

Do not enter the card number before being sure that the commercial elements of the transaction are known to be correct: price, the transaction currency, the delivery term.

It is important keeping in mind the coordinates of the trader, the name itself and the Internet address, the phone numbers, the contact persons. Equally important is printing the confirmation of your purchase and if this thing is not possible writing down the reference of the purchase, the reference allocated by trader.

The Bank cannot be held responsible for the on-line transactions with own cards used at the non-secured traders, from Romania or/and abroad.

For further details you can call the following contact: + 40-(0)21-315.93.32 / 315.71.00