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Credit cards in lei under the Mastercard logo

CEC Bank is offering the possibility of obtaining a limit of credit with access through card up to 60.000 Lei.
Mastercard card with contactless technology well enable you to make payments to any retailers in the country or abroad, where the Paypass Contactless mic logo or the Paypass Contactless mic, symbol is displayed, by simply approaching the card to the ATM.

Monthly fix rates - free of interest
Accessing a RON credit card you could benefit of 3, 6, 9, 12, 18 or 24 monthly fix rates- free of interest for all your transactions greater than 100 RON made at the national and international traders and for refinancing of consumer loans held with banks or non-banking financial institutions, starting with the service activating moment until its disabling. You could activate the installment payment service by a written request submitted to the bank or by calling assistance center for cards to the telephone number specified on the card reverse.

After activating the service, any transaction over 100 Lei made at merchants will be divided into the fixed number of installments without interest corresponding to the respective value range:
- 3 equal monthly installments for commercial transactions greater than 100 and up to 300 Lei inclusive
- 6 equal monthly installments for commercial transactions between 300,01 and 600 Lei inclusive
- 9 equal monthly installments for commercial transactions between 600,01 and 1.200 Lei inclusive
- 12 equal monthly installments for commercial transactions between 1.200,01 and 1.800 Lei inclusive
- 18 equal monthly installments for commercial transactions between 1.800,01 and 2.400 Lei inclusive
- 24 equal monthly installments for commercial transactions over 2.400 Lei (the standard option)

If you wish that one or more transactions to not be included in the installments plan, please communicate this option to the assistance centre for cards by calling the telephone number specified on the card reverse, in maximum 24 hours

Minimum costs for loan granting
The interest of 13,86% per year granted by CEC Bank for credit card is one of the lowest on the Romanian market (please see the information concerning the tariffs made available in bank’s units or on its site)

Natural persons receive a 50% discount of standard subscription at Internet Banking - CEConline and a 50% discount of standard subscription at  Phone Banking - TeleCEC, if they opted for a Mastercard credit card and have not accumulated debts outstanding in the last 3 months.

Permanent access to credit line granted by the bank
CEC Bank shall grant a credit line permanently available, 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, to which you have access from any commercial or cash release location having the Mastercard logo

Up to 59 calendar days without interest
For payments to traders, you benefit of a grace period of up to 59 calendar days during which you do not pay the interest related to the reimbursed amount. In addition, the commission related to the transactions to traders, in a country and abroad, is ZERO

Flexible reimbursement
You may decide, depending on how much money you have, to monthly reimburse the minimum amount requested by the bank or any other amount you want, the integral payments being also accepted without any commission. Starting from the moment of the payment at least of the monthly minimum amount, you have again access to unused liquidity (the rest of the amount which CEC Bank makes available to you, plus the amount already reimbursed)

Refinance credit cards and consumer credits
Credit card credit limit can be used to refinance consumer credit held with banks or non-bank financial institutions, including credit card access. Amounts that are subject to credit card refinancing may be spread over 3, 6, 9, 12, 18, 24 fixed interest rates without interest.

Life partners
You may beneficiate of a credit line granted by CEC Bank thanks to the CEC Mastercard credit card, if you pay monthly at least the minimum amount requested by the bank.

Up to four additional cards attached to your account
You may ask to CEC Bank to issue up to four additional cards attached to your account. You may establish the monthly credit ceilings to which the additional cards have access (within the credit ceiling for your account).

Changing PIN code
The CEC Bank ATM network gives you the possibility to choose/change your PIN code.

Card Transaction Mini Report
CEC Bank ATMs network offers you the possibility to obtain a card transactions mini report, containing the registrations on the account attached to the card from the last 30 days, maximum 10 operations.

Secured Internet transactions
Once you obtain a CEC Mastercard, you may enrol for the 3 D Secure Service for free offered by CEC Bank. The 3 D Secure service is a simple system for enrolling and obtaining personal passwords which allow you to perform online transactions in conditions of high security guaranteed by the Mastercard organisation

Internet banking services
Operations may be performed on your card account using the CEC Bank Internet Banking service (visualization of your card account balance, the account extract from the last month, amounts transfer from your card account to other accounts opened to CEC Bank or to other banks)

Protection of your account
For the protection of your account against unauthorized use, CEC Bank has limited the daily value of the cash transactions. If the ceilings are too low for you, you may request to be increased for free.

Discounts or various other benefits provided by the bank's partners


A credit card in lei for natural persons which offer the access to a credit line with renewal after each reimbursement

Up to 59 calendar days of grace to make the interest payment for transactions to traders

2,5% of the minimum amount due to the bank at the end of each transaction cycle

The card may be used in the country and abroad 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, for the payment of goods and services, as well as for obtaining cash

The cards may be used for secured online commercial transactions using 3 D Secure service.

Operations may be performed on your card account using the CEC Bank Internet Banking service (visualization of your card account balance, the account extract from the last month, amounts transfer from your card account to other accounts opened to CEC Bank or to other banks)

Such cards may be used to pay the utility invoices issued by different utility suppliers, at the CEC Bank ATM or at the ATM of other banks offering such a service. The list of utility suppliers, who can be paid at the CEC Bank ATM, by using the cards, is presented in the section Service related to payment of utility invoices at CEC Bank ATM

Calculation Example* - Mastercard Credit Card

- the loan amount shall be integrally withdrawn on the date of its release
- was not taken into account the grace period, which is not applicable in case of withdrawal of cash credit
- the loan shall be reimbursed in 12 equal monthly installments 
- no withdraw shall be made during the 12 reimbursement months 
- the Annual Interest Rate shall be computed according to the legal provisions in force and shall contain the annual interest plus the banking card account management fee

Loan Amount: Lei 20,000 
Lending Term: 1 year
Maximum Monthly Installment: Lei 1.793,75 
Annual Interest Rate: 16,99%
Overall Payable Amount: Lei 21.524,89

The Annual Interest Rate shall include:
Variable Interest Rate: IRCC + 11.42% = 13,86%
Loan Application Review Fee: 0
Card Issue Fee: 0
Cash withdrawal commission by using the card in its own ATM and EPOS network installed at CEC Bank: 1% plus 3 lei
Monthly Card Account Management Fee: 0

IRCC - Consumer Credit Reference Index

*The example presented is for informing potential clients, not being applicable to new withdraws from the card account during the 12 reimbursement months, in the extent if the lending ceiling approved by the bank and monthly reimbursement payments.


Necessary documents:
- credit card application
- a copy of the applicant’s identity card (BI/CI) and, if it is necessary, the co-debtor’s ones (husband / wife / family members living with the applicant) 
- checking consent of the Central Credit Risk (CRC) and the Credit Office data base for the customer and for his/her related co-debtors as well as the checking and processing information consent of the MFP-ANAF database (for employees)  
- customers whose  information provided by ANAF are not conclusive/not relevant in terms of incomes and their related permanent nature will advance a salary Certificate or work experience Certificate (if applicable).
 - documents certifying the customer and his/her co-debtors’ ability to have certain and permanent incomes  (wages, pensions, self-employment activities, rental and leasing, dividends etc.)
- statement in according with the N.B.R regulations in force

Charging/Commission List

Salary certificate


Client assistance services for reporting the lost/stolen cards (24 hours per day, 7 days per week): 
Phone: + 4021 202. 69. 99 or + 4021 315. 71. 00

Help Desk for Cards and Internet Banking:
+4021 202.50.50