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Contactless Visa Platinum credit card will allow you to make payments at any seller in the country or abroad, wherever you see the Visa payWave logo or symbol displayed Paypass Contactless mic, by simply approaching the card to the payment terminal.

Fixed monthly instalments without interest 
Access a credit limit in lei by card and you could have 3, 6, 9, 12, 18 or 24 fixed monthly instalments without interest for all the transactions higher than 100 lei with national and international sellers and to refinance consumer loans held at banks or non-banking financial institutions, as of the service activation date and until its termination. You can activate the instalment payment service either via a written request submitted to the bank or via the card assistance centre, by calling the phone number on the back of the card.

After the service activation, any transaction over 100 lei with the sellers will be divided by the fixed number of instalments without interest, related to said value range:

  • 3 equal monthly instalments for commercial transactions higher than 100 and up to 300 lei
  • 6 equal monthly instalments for commercial transactions comprised between 300,01 and 600 lei
  • 9 equal monthly instalments for commercial transactions comprised between 600,01 and 1.200 lei
  • 12 equal monthly instalments for commercial transactions comprised between 1.200,01 and 1.800 lei
  • 18 equal monthly instalments for commercial transactions comprised between 1.800,01 and 2.400 lei
  • 24 equal monthly instalments for commercial transactions of over 2.400 lei (standard option)

If you do not wish for one or several transactions with the sellers to be included into the instalment plan, this option must be communicated within 24 hours at the most via the card assistance centre to the phone number on the back of the card.

Minimum crediting costs
The interest of 13,86% a year, practised by CEC Bank for Visa Platinum credit card, is one of the lowest in the Romanian market. (For full rates, see the information supplied by the bank units or by the bank website).

Permanent access to the credit line awarded by the bank 
CEC Bank will award a credit line, permanently available to you from any commercial location or withdrawal location displaying the Visa logo. 

Up to 59 calendar days without interest
For the payments made to the sellers, you are entitled to a grace period of up to 59 calendar days, during which you do not pay interest for the reimbursed amount. Additionally, the commission for seller transactions is ZERO, both in the country and abroad.

Flexible reimbursement
Depending on the money available to you, you may decide to monthly reimburse the minimum amount requested by the bank or any other amount you wish; full payments are also accepted, no commissions are charged. Following the payment of at least a monthly minimum amount, you have again access to the unused available amount (the remaining amount that CEC Bank provides you, plus the already-reimbursed amount).

Refinance credit cards and consumer credits
Credit card credit limit can be used to refinance consumer credit held with banks or non-bank financial institutions, including credit card access. Amounts subject to credit card refinancing may be spread over 3, 6, 9, 12, 18, 24 fixed interest rates without interest.

Life partners
You may have the credit line awarded by CEC Bank via Visa Platinum credit card for life, provided that you monthly pay at least the minimum amount requested by the bank.

Up to four additional cards attached to your account
You may request CEC Bank to issue up to four additional cards attached to your account. You may set the monthly credit thresholds to which additional cards have access (within the account credit threshold). 

Changing the PIN code
The CEC Bank ATM network enables you to choose/change the PIN code.

Card transaction mini-report
The CEC Bank ATM network enables you to obtain a card transaction mini-report, including the records related to the card account for the last 30 days, 10 operations at the most.

Secure Internet transactions 
Once you have the Visa Platinum credit card, you may enrol in the 3 D Secure service provided by CEC Bank, free of charge. The 3 D Secure service includes a simple enrolment and personal password obtaining, allowing you to make Internet transactions under high-standard security conditions, guaranteed by Visa organisation.

Internet banking and Mobile Banking services
The card account supports operations via the Internet Banking service of CEC Bank (card account overview, account statement for the last month, transfer of amounts from the card account to CEC Bank or other bank accounts) and via the Mobile Banking service.

Your account protection
In order to protect the account against unauthorised use, CEC Bank applied a threshold to the daily amount of cash transactions. If the thresholds are too low for you, you may request their increase, free of charge.

Discounts or various other benefits provided by the bank's partners

Lei credit card for natural persons, providing access to a credit line, with a renewal after each reimbursement. 

Up to a 59 calendar-day grace period for the interest payment at transactions with sellers.

2,5% of the minimum payment amount of the debt towards the bank at the end of each transaction cycle.

The card can be used round-the-clock in the country and abroad for the payment of goods and services, as well as for cash withdrawal.

The card can be used for secure Internet commercial transactions under a 3D Secure regime.

The card account supports Internet banking operations of CEC Bank (card account overview, account statement for the last month, transfer of amounts from the card account to CEC Bank or other bank accounts) or via Mobile Banking service.

CEC Bank or other bank ATMs may be used for the payment of the invoices issued by various utility suppliers. The supplier list for invoice payment via CEC Bank ATMs can be found under Utility invoice payment service by CEC Bank ATM section

Computation example* - Visa Platinum credit card

- the credit amount is fully withdrawn in cash on the awarding date 
- the grace period was not considered, not being applicable in the case of withdrawing the credit in cash 
- the credit is reimbursed in 12 equal monthly instalments 
- there is no withdrawal made during the 12 reimbursement months 
- DAE [Actual annual interest] is computed according to current legal provisions and includes the related annual interest and the commissions related to the card account

Credit amount: 40,000 lei
Crediting period: 1 year
Maximum monthly instalment: 3.587,49 lei
DAE: 16,99%
Total payable amount: 43.049,80 Lei

DAE includes:
Variable interest: IRCC + 11.42% = 13,86%
File assessment commission: 0
Card issuance commission: 15
Cash withdrawal commission by using the card in its own ATM and EPOS network installed at CEC Bank desks: 1% plus 3 lei
Card account monthly administration commission: 0 lei

IRCC - Consumer Credit Reference Index

*The example is for information purposes, not being applicable if there are new withdrawals made from the card account during the 12 months, within the limits of the credit threshold approved by the bank and of the monthly reimbursements.

Not charging main/additional card administration commissions, provided that the bank holds total liquidities of at least EUR 50000 or an equivalent in lei/different currency.

Free monthly subscription to the Mobile Banking service

Free monthly subscription to the Info SMS service

Monthly bank account statement, sent to the client by mail, free of charge

Access to Business Class lounges in Henri Coanda*, Timisoara and Cluj airports

Access to over 800 Business lounges in international airports via LoungeKey programme. The updated location list can be found on

Access to Concierge services
- Lifestyle: bookings and tickets to exclusivist, sports, cultural, and lifestyle events in the country and abroad; bookings to famous restaurants in the country and abroad; personalised shopping; personal development for family members: piano, dancing, acting, foreign languages, etc.
- House upkeep: moving and relocation services; security and protection services; gardening and pool maintenance services; baby-sitting services; drivers, cleaning ladies; fitter, electrician, carpenter, and locksmith services; cleaning services, dry-cleaning services, etc. 
In order to access the Concierge service, call +40 737 410 002.

Full travel insurance abroad package, including free recommendations of medical services and/or legal assistance provided by the bank, free of charge. For any requests/issues connected to the full travel insurance abroad package, in order to certify the occurrence of an insured event, as well as for medical service recommendations and legal assistance round-the-clock (during your trip abroad), you must directly contact the insurer by calling +40 374 110 115 - insurance leaflet

The access to Visa Global Customer Assistance Service (GCAS) emergency assistance service abroad, by which you are entitled to:
- having your card blocked in case of loss, theft, or damage 
- having your card urgently replaced in case of loss or theft 
- being issued cash under an emergency regime

Access to the benefits provided by the Visa Premium programme:
- Visa Luxury Hotels collection, supplying a range of premium benefits designed to offer an unequalled experience in over 900 luxury hotels worldwide. For details and bookings, access
- National and international offers including privileges in smart stores and restaurants, entertainment, culture, art, and travels. For full details on Visa Premium programme, access

Free access to the Bidroom booking platform for 6 months and a 50% discount on the annual subscription price of 50 euros. Additional information is available at

Access to the Air Refund platform, whereby cardholders can claim compensations, up to EUR 600, if the flight was delayed, canceled or the embarkation was refused. Additional information can be found at

Free access to over 1 million WI-FI hotspots anywhere in the world, through partnership with Boingo, with locations in major international airports and public locations (malls, cafes etc.) anywhere in the world. Additional information is available at


*The terms and conditions of the offer are stipulated in the Premium Program Rules available in the BusinessClass lounges within the Henri Coanda International Airport Bucharest and on the website