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Mastercard Standard, Visa and Visa Classic

CEC Bank is offering the possibility of obtaining a limit of credit with access through card up to 60.000 Lei, that the customers can use both for refinancing the consumer credits owned at banks, including the credits with access through card and the ones owned in non-banking financial institutions.

Visa, Visa Classic and Mastercard cards may be attached to the same personal account

Debit cards in lei for natural persons

Visa and Mastercard cards with contactless technology well enable you to make payments to any retailers in the country or abroad, where the  /Visa payWave logo or the  symbol is displayed, by simply approaching the card to the payment terminal.

They provide access the personal salary account replenished by your employer

They may be used in the country and abroad for the payment of goods and services, as well as for obtaining cash

Such cards may be used to pay the utility invoices issued by different utility suppliers, at the CEC Bank ATM or at the ATM of other banks offering such a service. The list of utility suppliers, who can be paid at the CEC Bank ATM, by using the cards, is presented in the section Service related to payment of utility invoices at CEC Bank ATM

Increased safety for transactions thanks to incorporated chip technology

The amount necessary for opening the card account is a symbolic one, and an initial minimum amount is not required, if the card accounts are used for cash salaries

The possibility to perform direct commercial transactions and to withdraw cash both in the country and abroad (the card account is replenished with lei, and abroad an automatic conversion is made into the local currency of those countries) 24 hours per day, 7 days per week

No commission for transactions to traders who accept these cards in the country and abroad

Natural persons receive a 50% discount of standard subscription at Internet Banking - CEConline and a 50% discount of standard subscription at Phone Banking - TeleCEC, if they opted for an overdraft facility on debit card and have not accumulated debts outstanding in the last 3 months.

Access to a large CEC Bank network of units and ATMs, from which cash may be withdrawn

Unlimited access to any commercial location and cash release network (banking units, ATMs) in the country and abroad having a Visa or Mastercard logo (as the case may be)

Client assistance services provided 24 hours per day, 7 days per week by CEC Bank and by the Visa Europe or Mastercard Europe Organisations (as the case may be), through an authorised personnel

The possibility to request to the bank to attach to an account up to 4 additional cards

The possibility to change the PIN code using the CEC Bank ATMs

The possibility of obtaining from CEC Bank ATMs mini reports related to card activity (registrations on the account attached to the car from the last 30 days, maximum 10 operations)

The possibility to visualize the card account balance to the ATMs of other banks in the country and abroad which offer this facility

If the account is used monthly for cashing the salary, the possibility to beneficiate upon request of an overdraft. This is an easy and flexible loan granting method, as well as a credit line attached to the salary card granted by the bank based on a loan granting contract

Discounts or various other benefits provided by the bank's partners

The cards may be attached to the same card account

The amount necessary for opening the card account is a symbolic one. An initial minimum amount is not required, if your card account is to be used for cashing the salary or pension

Your card account may be a salary account (replenished by your employer) or a pension account, and may be used in the same time for replenishments with financial incomes from any other sources (cash deposits to the banking units, transfers from other banks etc.)

You may perform banking operations into your card account using the CEC Bank Internet Banking service (visualization of your card account balance, the account extract from the last month, amounts transfer from your card account to other accounts opened to CEC Bank or to other banks) and the Mobile Banking service

The cards can be used for secure Internet shopping by enrolling  for the 3 D Secure Service made available by the bank 

The cards may be used in the country and abroad for the payment of the goods and services provided by traders, as well as for cash withdrawal from ATMs and/or from the pay desks of the banks having the Visa or MasterCard logo (as the case may be, according to the type of card you use)

The Visa card may be used exclusively in a virtual environment (ATM and EPOS)

The Visa Classic and Mastercard Standard cards may be used both in a virtual environment (ATM and EPOS) and in a manual environment (traders endowed with imprinters) and may be used both in the country and abroad for renting cars and for booking in advance hotel rooms in the country and abroad

Overdraft limit

Those who receive the salary into their personal account having attached a Visa and/or Mastercard Standard card may beneficiate of this facility. An overdraft may be also granted to retirees whose pensions are transferred by the House of Pensions in their card accounts based on an agreement with CEC Bank. It is easy to obtain this credit by filing a request form and submitting the documentation requested by the bank (income certificate, pension coupon, approval of the Credit Office). Warrantors or other additional guaranties are not required. The request for an overdraft limit is not commissioned by the bank. Granting the overdraft limit is based on the risk analysis and the evaluation of the individual financial solvency. For employees, the maximum threshold of the Limit is nine net monthly salaries, but not more than RON 60,000 (for the maximum Limit, those who do not have other types of consumer loans in the banking financial system and qualify for a reasonable risk score). For pensioners, the threshold of the Limit is three net monthly pensions in case of pensioners who are up to 70 years of age, respectively a net pension in case pensioners aged over 70 but not more than RON 15,000. The bank does not grant limits lower than RON 100.

How does overdraft facility work?

Once approved, the credit line may be used the entire period during which the client receives the wage or the pension on the card. Interest shall be paid only for the loan amount effectively used. In most of the limited overdraft cases, the loan reimbursement has not a fixed deadline for integral reimbursement, provided the workplace or pension house remains the same and the account is monthly supplied.  After each reimbursement, the amount available in the card account balance may be used again without exceeding the limit of the overdraft granted by the bank.

Calculation Example* - Overdraft

- the loan amount shall be integrally withdrawn on the date of its release
- the loan shall be reimbursed in 12 equal monthly installments
- no withdraw shall be made during the 12 reimbursement months
- the Annual Interest Rate shall be computed according to the legal provisions in force and shall contain the annual interest plus the banking card account management fee

Loan Amount: Lei 3,000
Lending Term: 1 year
Maximum Monthly Installment: Lei 264,18
Annual Interest Rate: 11,01%
Overall Payable Amount: Lei 3.170,11

The Annual Interest Rate shall include:
Variable Interest Rate: IRCC + 7.92% = 10,36%
Loan Application Review Fee: 0
Card Issue Fee: 0
Cash withdrawal commission by using the card in its own ATM and EPOS network: 0
Monthly Card Account Management Fee: Lei 0

IRCC - Consumer Credit Reference Index

*The example presented is for informing potential clients, not being applicable to new withdraws from the card account during the 12 reimbursement months, in the extent if the lending ceiling approved by the bank and monthly reimbursement payments.


Client assistance services for reporting the lost/stolen cards (24 hours per day, 7 days per week): 
Phone: + 4021 202. 69. 99 or + 4021 315. 71. 00

Help Desk for Cards and Internet Banking:
+4021 202.50.50