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Information on the Service for the Change of Payment Accounts

Starting with January 27, 2018, the provisions of the Law no. 258/2017 on the comparability of fees/commissions for payment accounts, the change of such payment accounts and the access to payment accounts with basic services, are in force.

Regarding the account changing service, it is made available to any client, current account holder, while CEC Bank complies with the provisions of the Law no. 258/2017.

The Bank provides account changing services, between payment accounts held in the same currency, to any client who opens or holds a payment account with such a provider of payment services, located on the national territory.

This service only applies if the two banks involved have the quality of participants in the Convention on the Procedures concerning the Changing of Client Payment Accounts.

The service for the change of accounts is initiated by the Bank, upon the request of the client, in compliance with the provisions of art. 22 of the Law no. 258/2017, which are minimum requirements.

Also, the working manner and the deadlines for fulfilling clients' requests comply with the applicable legal provisions, respectively articles 23-28 of the Law no. 258/2017.

For additional information on the Service for the Change of Payment Accounts offered by CEC Bank, please contact the personnel operating in any Territorial Unit.


See the Payment Account Change Service Guide