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CEC Bank put at your disposal a large variety of services with the help of which you may pay cash, and by transfer.

CEC Bank put at your disposal the following services:
- Current account
- Direct debit
- Scheduled payments
- Current account operations

Fast, flexible and professional are only few of the qualities of the payment services put at your disposal by CEC Bank. Thus:

By calling Internet Banking service, CEC Bank:
- takes over you worries of regularly paying the bills (telephone, electrical energy, gas, water etc.)
- may make the payments to your acquaintances or business partners
- may receive amounts in the accounts open with our bank from country and from abroad
- may operate currency exchange etc.

To the retired customers collecting their pension by a card account or activating the automat transfer service for the money from the current account into the card account, the Bank grants facilities, as it follows: 
- interest rate by 0.5 percentage points reduced compared to the standard interest rates charged by the Bank for the consumers’ loans guanteed by real estate mortgage, granted in Lei;
- the CEC Bank card holders shall no longer pay the monthly current account management fee in amount of Lei 4.5, following to pay only the card management fee in amount of Lei 3;
- collection of the pension, by the customers opting for pension payment into a card account, one day earlier than the customers cashing the pension into a current account.