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In order to protect and promote the rights of disable persons, in accordance with Law No 207/2009, the Government of Romania established that there shall be paid by the budget state the interest for the credits contracted by persons with severe or accentuated disabilities for the purpose of adjusting their house according to their personal access needs or for purchasing a car specially adjusted for disabled persons who can not be transported and who depend on a wheelchair.


Specific Conditions

Adults with severe or accentuated disabilities

The family/person attending at least one child with severe or accentuated disability

Note: in order to benefit of credits for which the interest shall be paid by the state budget, the payment without any delay of the instalments is mandatory in order to result the quality of regular and diligent payer
To adapt the living space in accordance with the individual access needs, the maximum amount of the loan granted by CEC Bank may not exceed EUR 10,000 or its equivalent in Lei, and the lending period is of maximum 10 years.

To purchase a specially adapted vehicle for non-transferable disabled person transport, depending on the wheelchair, the maximum loan amount granted by CEC Bank, as well as the maximum lending period must comply with the legal provisions regarding the protection and promotion of disabled persons and with the characteristics of the AUTO loan, granted by the Bank to its natural person - clients.
A certification on the agreement concerning the interest payment shall be obtained from the county or local General Directorate for Social Assistance and Children Protection

This certification, together with the documents filled in, shall be submitted to a CEC Bank Unit

The Bank shall analyze the relevant loan file

The Bank shall valuate the guarantees (if any)

The Bank shall issue the lending decision

Parties shall sign the relevant loan agreement and related guarantee agreement (if any)

The guarantees shall be instituted and secured

Following the approval, by CEC Bank, of the lending operation, the Directorate shall conclude an interest payment commitment under the loan agreement and the loan reimbursement schedule

The loan reimbursement schedule shall be submitted to the Directorate each time it is changed, the Directorate following to make the payments according to the last schedule submitted

If the loan beneficiary does not pay timely the due amounts, the interest related to the outstanding installments shall be paid by this one.

Note: CEC Bank is not liable for the customer’s recovery of the monthly amounts, representing interest for the loan granted, form the competent authority.