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Crediting period up to 35 years

Advantageous grace period up to 360 days, determined depending on the crediting period

Rescheduling of the loans

When calculating the net income there can be taken into account all the certain incomes with permanent character throughout the whole crediting period, of the family

The usage possibility of the Internet Banking and/or Mobile Banking service free for the first 3 months, to view the loan situation (balance, interests, instalments) but also for current operations (payments, deposits)

Loan destination: the purchase of finished houses and of the related land, if it is appropriate

Currency: LEI and EURO

Value of the loan: maximum 2.800.000 lei/700.000 euro, established depending on the value of the mortgage.

Maxim value of the loan is established depending on the reimbursement capacity of each customer.

Own contribution:
As far as concerns the loans with at least one immovable property having destination as housing:
- for loans worth more than 250.000 Euro, equivalent in lei: minimum 15% of the value evidenced in the documents that show the destination of the requested loan;
- for loans worth up to 250.000 Euro, equivalent in Lei, including: minimum 15% of the value evidenced in the documents that show the destination of the requested loan.

For the loans guaranteed with other types of immovable properties: minimum 15% of the value evidenced in the documents that show the destination of the requested loan.

Crediting period: maximum 35 years

Drawing period: maximum 30 days

Grace period: maximum 360 days, depending on the crediting period

Guarantees: real estate mortgage on the building and the land, by case, that is the object of the real estate investment for which the loan is granted. In completing the mortgage there, also, can be admitted other guarantees of those accepted by the Bank.

The insurance against the calamity risks of the mortgage is mandatory, being necessary before granting the loan.

The age at the established date for the whole reimbursement of the loans: maximum 75 years, including

Interest rate
- variable over the entire lending period

Credits subject to the provisions of Law 77/2016
LEI: 5.44% (IRCC + 3.00 p.p.)
EUR: 7.76% (EURIBOR 6M + 8.00 p.p.)

Credits not subject to the provisions of Law 77/2016
LEI: 4.44% (IRCC + 2.00 p.p.)
EUR: 5.76% (EURIBOR 6M + 6.00 p.p.)

The current IRCC index level taken into account is of 2.44% on the basis of the IVQ 2019 quotation published on December 31, 2019 on the National Bank of Romania website.

Interest changes quarterly on January 1, April 1, July 1, and October 1 of the year, or on the first business day immediately following the first day of the quarter, if the first of the quarter is a non-working day, in accordance with the provisions Emergency Ordinance no. 19/2019 for amending and supplementing some normative acts. The Index is published quarterly by the National Bank of Romania on the Institution's website and is calculated in accordance with the Rules on the calculation and publication of the daily index and of the quarterly reference index regulated by GEO 19/2019.

The 6-month EURIBOR interest rate is currently -0.24% valid on January 3rd, 2020. The interest rate changes quarterly on January 1 and July 1 or the first working day immediately following the first day of the quarter, if the first of the quarter is a non-working day with EURIBOR 6M interest valid on the day of the change.

File analysis fee: 500 lei / 150 euro
Early repayment fee: 0
Credit management fee applicable monthly to the current credit balance:
- 0.02% for loans in lei
- 0.04% for loans in euro

Other cost items not included in the DAE calculation, respectively:
- single commission for services rendered at the client's request, in connection with the development of the loan;
- registration/ extension / modification (as the case may be) and cancellation of the movable security on present and future credit balances of current accounts of client / codebtor and of debit card accounts of the client at the Electronic Archive for Security Interests in Movable Property;
- the amounts representing the insurance premiums for general risk insurance policies in accordance with the value of the assets accepted under guarantee for which such policies are concluded and / or the premium share PAD, taking into account that the Bank does not require the conclusion of insurance policies with a particular provider of such services;
- amounts related to the valuation of immovable / movable property admitted under guarantee, unless the valuation is carried out by the Bank's internal valuers.

The possible exchange rate fluctuations could affect the amount that you have to pay if you contract a loan in Euro, increasing it, potentially affecting your ability to pay.

Loans interests (.pdf)

Loan fees (.pdf)

Examples of calculation - Standard Products (.pdf)