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As of 01.01.2014, CEC Bank shall release the amounts specified by the Ministry of Public Finances for and available to the beneficiaries of indemnifications granted pursuant to Law no 165/2013 regarding the measures for the finalization of the restitution process, in kind or in equivalent, of the buildings confiscated during the Romanian communist regime.

If you are the beneficiary of this type of indemnity, please come to any of our local agencies to receive the due amounts, based on the following documents:

  • valid ID document, in case of natural persons, or the Registration Certificated issued by the Trade Registry Office, in case of legal persons (original and copy);
  • authenticated special power of attorney, certificate of inheritance or other legal documents athesting your right to receive the specified amounts, depending on the case (original and copy);
  • payment title, in original (to be kept by the Bank).

With regard to transactions carried in cash, CEC Bank shall not charge a withdrawal fee afferent to the specified amounts. Only if you choose to liquidate the specified amount by interbank transfer (transfer to another Lei account opened with another bank) the relevant amount shall be charged with the value of TransFond/NBR fees according to the Tariff of fees and expenditure in force at CEC Bank.