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CEC Bank together with Transfer Rapid, a technology company developing and implementing customized financial services solutions customized for CEC Bank as well as for other authorized payment institutions, offer Romanian migrants (as well as to other related customers) a high-quality money transfer service - Low-Cost, Reliable, Close to Home.

The service enjoys maximum security, as CEC Bank uses "state of the art" IT technology and cooperates in this respect with top players in the market.

The money transfer services from abroad to Romania are available to clients from the following countries: Italy, Spain, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, United Kingdom, Ireland, Greece, Sweden, Canada, USA, France, Denmark, Australia, Brazil, Luxembourg, Cyprus, the Netherlands, Finland, Norway, Austria, Uruguay and Portugal.

The person sending the money may decide both upon the way in which the beneficiary can receive these amounts - current account/card opened with CEC Bank or cash, - as well as upon the currency of the money remittance - RON, EUR or any other currency - using an advantageous foreign currency exchange rate.

In the case of cash remittances, Romanian beneficiaries may also decide upon the manner in which they would like to receive the transferred amounts – for example by immediately splitting the received amount into more than one currency (e.g. EUR and RON). The beneficiaries may also decide upon the payment method of these amounts: either cashing the money or further transferring them into an account. The payment is made diligently and safely in CEC Bank branches in Romania.

The above-mentioned product features, designed for the benefit of both Romanian migrants and Romanian beneficiaries of money remittances clearly distinguish our services on the money transfer market and are proof of the continuous commitment of CEC Bank to improve the range and quality of services offered to its customers.

CEC Bank is the Romanian bank having the largest network of retail branches, being thus able to render banking services for its customers everywhere in Romania.

Up to now, CEC front-officers together with their support teams and together with the technology platform developed by Transfer Rapid have processed over 1,7 million money transfers. The reliability of the technology, the high-quality of the services and the low costs involved gave rise to a very high customer loyalty (over 80% of the clients used our service in a repetitive manner) proving a high customer satisfaction.

Further information is available in any CEC Bank branch or by calling the toll-free telephone number 0800 800 609.