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The lion is the animals’ king. It has power! The lion (LEU) is the national Romanian currency and has an important role in every aspects of our lives. They are called like that because they both have power. The Romanian LEU became the national currency on April 22nd, 1867.

The trade-off

Do you remember how your parents and grandparents taught you to trade toys with other children, when you don’t need them anymore? This is called a trade and it was used before cash appeared.


In the entire world, nowadays, money is used. They are in two forms: coins and banknotes.

Money as "coins" are made of metal at a special factory called State Mint. Can you imagine how much noise is in such a factory? To be able to distinguish them and know their worth, adults thought to differentiate them by color, size and graphic elements. Coin in our country have four nominal values: 1 ban, 5 bani, 10 bani and 50 bani. Each coin has on reverse the issuance year, name and crown of Romania.

The "banknote" type of money was introduced in Romania after 1990, being made out of paper. Of course, this paper was not a regular one, it had different colors, values and sizes. For a better resistance it was decided to change the material the banknotes were made from into a material 30% more expensive, like polymer (plastic).

The banknotes in our country are for the following amounts: 1 leu, 5 lei, 10 lei, 50 lei, 100 lei, 200 lei and 500 lei. They have a few safety elements, like: iridescent band, safety thread, filigree, transparent window, embossed printing and micro-perforation. Each banknote has the issuance year and signatures of the National Romanian Bank’s governor and central cashier clerk.


As the Leu is the national Romanian currency, in certain countries members of the EU, the EUR international currency is used. In the near future, it will be also used in our country. His little brother is the EUR cent.

Before knowing what to do with them, it is good to know what to do if we have them! Money is inevitably part of our lives and satisfy certain needs of the people (food, clothes, education, health, vacations).

Surely you’ve asked yourself where the money come from into the pockets of adults! Well, you must know the money get come from performing a service, we cannot call upon a magician that uses his wand to make money appear. Money is earned by working! Parents, grandparents and adults over 16 years old that you know, receive an amount of money for the work they perform as a salary. Everybody needs a salary! Salary can be given physically or transferred into an account attached to a card.

Have you ever seen a card? The beautifully decorated card is only a secured instrument, with an electronic device inside it (cip) containing information that help you extract the money in your bank account, from an ATM. The ATM is not a bottomless bag, it must be supplied by the bank to be able to serve people anytime they need their money from their account. Through it, money moves faster, at any hour in different locations.


It is not alright to spend all the money we have in an instant, it is very important to think about the fact that we might need or want to acquire something in the future also. In this case we can apply the best solution, saving!

How many times did you enjoy finding money lost somewhere inside the house that you forgot about? It was a reason to be happy and surely you were able to buy something! Such joy can be possible also if we save money knowingly on a monthly basis, not only casually!

The best place you can keep your money is the bank. The bank is safe, cares for its clients and has self-esteem. The money brought to a bank and saved in a personal account can be multiplied by interest. The more you keep your money in a bank, the more money you save into your account. In order to make more money, you must take you money out of your piggybank from home and bring it into the safe piggybank, called the BANK. The interest represents the confirmation that best place to keep your money is the bank.

We are using the money with the parent’s approval! It is very important to know all types of coins and banknotes, as well as their value. When you are going shopping with your parents, under their careful supervision, you can check if you received the correct change. Have you tried this before?

Let’s not make waste!

Usually, shopping is performed under the emotion "I want this, I desire it!" This is how we take money out of our pockets, without the actual "need".