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The annual interest rate is fixed during the period of the constitution of the deposit 

For the deposit with capitalization / interest rate swap in the current account, on the maturity term, the deposit may be automatically extended for a period equal to the period provided in the contract until its liquidation, with an interest equal to the interest applicable in the day of extension 

You may use anytime and anywhere the amounts deposited into the term deposits with fixed interest rate to any CEC Bank unit

There is the possibility to perform operations (constitution and liquidation) via alternative channels (Internet Banking CEConline, CEC Bank Mobile Banking, TeleCEC) with an interest bonus of 0.10 pp for the deposits established through these channels

No fee for cash withdrawal at the maturity date

In case of retired customers collecting the pension through card account or activating the automatic transfer from current account into card account, a rate interest bonus of 0.25 p.p. for deposits lodged/renewed (for terms between first month and twelfth month) at the Bank cash desks shall be granted.

It is issued nominally for adult/minors natural persons 

The mandate clause may be also introduced

The deposit’s value:
- min. 300 LEI/200 EUR/200 USD for constitution term of 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, 12 months.
- min. 1.000 lei for constitution terms of 24 and 36 months

Constitution term:
- 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, 12 months for LEI, EUR and USD;
- 24 and 36 months for LEI

The interest is fixed during the period of the constitution of the deposit

For deposit with automatic extension, on the maturity term, the interest to the amount constituted in the deposit is capitalized or is transferred into the current account, according to the client’s option, and for the maturity deposit, the balance and the related interest are automatically transferred to the current account.

Original identity card

Term          Standard interest         

1 month          0,85%                          
3 months        1,30%                          
6 months        2,50%                          
12 months      3,50%                          
24 months      3,75%                          
36 months      3,90%                          


Term          Standard interest          

1 month           0,05%                          
3 months         0,05%                          
6 months         0,05%                          
12 months       0,10%                          


Term          Standard interest
1 month           0,05%
3 months         0,05%
6 months         0,10%
12 months       0,15%

The list of savings deposit products withdrawn from the CEC Bank offer and the applied interests