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CEC Bank and Transfer Rapid, a technology company which develop and implement banking - financial products and services dedicated to CEC Bank and to licensed money transfer operators, provide the Romanians from abroad and from the country with a high quality service for a cheap, secure and close-to-home money transfer.

Transfer Rapid ( uses a unique financial technology easily usable which provides money transfer both on Romanian territory and from any European country to Romania. The Service was rewarded by the European Commission with the Certificate of Excellence for the withdrawals of payments by means of ATMs.

Through the Transfer Rapid Service:

- The money sender benefits of the option to decide:

  • On the method via which the recipient can receive the money sent by him/her, namely into a current account and/or a card account opened with CEC Bank, or in cash;
  • On the currency of the amount deposited, namely lei, euro or other currency (only in case of money transfers from abroad to Romania).

- In case of money transfers with the disbursement in cash, recipients can choose the form under which they will benefit of the money transferred, by splitting immediately the transferred amount, considering:

  • The disbursement currency (euro and/or lei);
  • The disbursement method (in cash and/or as deposit into an account).

Money cashing is quick, the amounts sent being releasable to the recipients in any unit of CEC Bank or via the Bank’s 24/7 available ATM network.

Money transfer from abroad to Romania

Such Service is accessible and available in Italy, Spain, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, United Kingdom, Ireland, Greece, Sweden, Canada, USA, France, Denmark, Australia, Brazil, Luxembourg, Cyprus, Netherlands, Finland, Norway, Uruguay, Portugal.

Money transfer on Romanian territory

The Service is available in all CEC Bank units all over the Romanian territory and it is addressed both to the Bank’s customers and to the non-customers.

Amounts in lei and euro can be instantaneously transferred by depositing the corresponding cash in any unit of CEC Bank.

Main benefits of the Transfer Rapid Service:

  • Safety of the Service (due to the technology used);
  • Fastness (the amounts can be instantaneously transferred);
  • Competitive costs;
  • High accessibility (the Service is available both for the CEC Bank customers and non-customers, in any CEC Bank unit or via the Bank’s 24/7 available ATM network).

CEC Bank is the Romanian bank owning the largest ATM network (more than 1 000 ATMs) which renders it a bank able to serve its customers in any countryside.

For more information on the CEC Bank products and services please contact us in any territorial agency, or call us free of charges at 0800800848 or access our website at