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Starting on the 21.06.2010, CEC Bank shall apply the provisions of GEO 50/2010 regarding the loan agreements for clients.

This regulation is implementing in the Romanian legislation, the European Directive 48/2008/EC provisions, ensuring an uniform regulating frame at the European Union level.

The measures, provided for by GEO 50/2010, are aiming the loans existing in the CEC Bank offer, as well as those underway on the 21.06.2010, the regulation enactement date.

CEC Bank has notified, by letter, all its natural person – clients with underway loan, granted until 21.06.2010, and to whom the Ordinance provisions apply, inviting them at the bank’s headquarter to sign the additional documents, containing the modifications established by this regulation.

According to the new regulating frame, the CEC Bank clients have the following advantages:

  • the adjustment of the interest, depending on the public reference indexe (3M ROBOR) plus a risk margin, non-variable during the entire loan period;
  • the penalty interests limitation, under certain circumstances provided for by the law.

The complete text of the Government Emergency Ordinance no. 50/2010 is available for clients under the Legislation section of the bank’s web-site