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The 3 D Secure Service of Secure E-commerce

The Internet - the starting point of the on-line commerce, both for the users of VISA and Mastercard cards and for traders.

Enjoy, now, the free time which is offered by the shopping on Internet!

You can buy on-line safely, thanks to the 3 D Secure technology implemented by the International Organizations of VISA and Mastercard cards which is offered, now, by CEC Bank for free!

Starting with December 2016, CEC Bank implemented a new method of authentication of the customers for the 3D Secure transactions, respectively the dynamic unique password associated to each transaction.

What is 3 D Secure?

It is a valid world standard of authentication of the customers’ identity, buyers in electronic environment, respectively Internet. The 3D Secure Service is based on an unique password associated to each transaction which ensures, thus, the protection of the card holder, through the authentication of his/her identity at the time of the transaction. The secure e-commerce system is found implemented on the sites of the traders under the name Mastercard Secure Code for the Mastercard cards and Verified by VISA for VISA cards and they can be identified through displaying the related logos:


CEC Bank offers the possibility of the enrolment at this service to all types of cards issued until the present, namely:
- Visa Electron debit
- Visa Classic debit
- Mastercard debit
- Mastercard credit
- Visa Platinum credit
- Mastercard World
- Mastercard Business
- Visa Business

The 3D Secure Service

How does 3 D Secure E-Commerce Service work? It offers security against frauds to both participants to a transaction in online e-commerce, namely the trader and the cardholder.

The authentication of the card payments by using the VISA 3-D Secure and MasterCard Secure Code programs maintains the same level of security in what concerns the e-commerce in the virtual environment as in the physical environment where there is a direct connection between the trader and the cardholder.

This solution combines the advantage of this new business environment with technological innovations, and protects also all parts involved: the consumer, the traders and the banks.

The terms and conditions of use are presented in the Contract regarding the enrolment for the 3 D Secure e-commerce service – Natural and legal persons.

Benefits of the cardholder

  • Security when using cards on Internet
  • Comfort when making online shopping
  • The avoidance and the reduction of the number of conflicts and frauds
  • No additional charges for accessing
  • The use of a larger, competitive and high quality market by selecting the supplier from a larger number of traders compared to the number of traders in the physical environment