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International cards Mastercard Business and/or Visa Business addresses all categories of corporate customers: large customers (corporations), small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and freelancers.

Cards for legal persons

Business cards incorporate contactless technology that allows you to make payments to any merchant in the country or abroad where the logo Paypass Contactless mic /Visa payWave or the symbol  is displayed by simply tapping the card to the payment terminal.

The card account opened on the name of the legal person allows attaching a large number of cards, as well as parameterization of the access to the funds for each card (the company may decide if the card has total or limited access to the funds of the company’s account).

CEC Bank makes available to the legal persons monthly bank statements, as well as detailed reports related to each card transaction, in the country and abroad, allowing the efficient control of the credit card expenses. 

The cards may be used by the authorized users for: 
- commercial transactions and cash withdrawals in a country and abroad (the automate conversion of the amounts in lei in the card account is made in the currency of those countries), 24 hours per day, 7 days per week
- booking in advance hotel rooms or renting cars
- different payments on Internet
- paying the utility invoices issued by different utility suppliers, at the CEC Bank ATM or at the ATM of other banks offering such a service. The list of utility suppliers, who can be paid at the CEC Bank ATM, by using the cards, is presented in the section Service related to payment of utility invoices at CEC Bank ATM

CEC Bank does not collect any commission for commercial transactions in the country and abroad.

CEC Bank, in collaboration with Visa International and Mastercard International (as the case may be), and/or third parties ensures the emergency replacement of the card declared lost/stolen, as well as the emergency cash release until the issuance of the duplicate card.

Assistance services provided by Visa or Mastercard (as the case may be) in emergency cases are available only if the card has been used for the total or partial payment of the travel cost (accommodation, transport etc.), and if during this trip the need of an emergency service occurred.

Business Cards

For obtaining Business cards, the company should follow the steps below:
- the representatives of the company should contact the CEC Bank unit where they accounts are opened and conclude a contract for opening of Business cards with the bank, submitting also the related documentation requested by the bank (standard documentation for opening a current account for legal person)
- the representatives of the company should submit to the bank, on or after the signing of the contract, anytime within the validity period of the contract, application form for card issuance specifying the authorized card users, providing (eventually) access restrictions to the cash account
- the bank performs the card issuance process and gives the payment instruments to authorized users
- the company replenishes the card accounts depending on the client’s needs

National Mastercard Premium&Business Programme with discount for more than 165 partners all over the country, is conceived to perfectly match to use of our Mastercard Business Silver Cards. To view the full list of partners, click here. Additional information on national discount programmes are found on the website

CEC Bank offers two types of debit cards in lei with national and international usage: Visa Business Silver and Mastercard Business Silver.

Both cards are issued for authorized users (natural persons authorized by the legal person to access the card account) that travel and make payments on behalf of the company, both in the country and abroad.

The Business cards are attached to an account in lei different from the account of the legal person. 

The card account opened on behalf of the legal person may be attached to a large number of persons and parameterize the access of each card to the funds (the company may decide if a card has total or partial access to the funds in the account).

The cards may be used by authorized users for:
- commercial transactions and cash withdrawals in a country and abroad (the automate conversion of the amounts in lei in the card account is made in the currency of those countries), 24 hours per day, 7 days per week 
- booking in advance hotel rooms or renting cars
- secured payments on Internet, by using 3 D Secure system (activation of this service should be requested by the legal person holding the card account)

Operations may be performed on this card account using the CEC Bank Internet Banking service (visualization of your card account balance, the account extract from the last month, amounts transfer from your card account to other accounts opened to CEC Bank or to other banks)

The overdraft limit

Destination: the financing of the temporary current needs, with renewal in accordance with the accounts receivables rollover.

Eligible customers - the legal persons who meet the general conditions of crediting and furthermore:
- for large customers (corporations), small and medium enterprises (IMM) whose turnover is of minimum 250.000 lei according to the last annual financial statements finished and submitted;
- for the Registered Sole Traders customers, individual enterprises, family enterprises and individual agricultural producers: the turnover will be assimilated with the revenues obtained and written down in the Register of receipts and payments, corroborated with the last statement submitted and registered at the fiscal body;
-they concluded the Contract of Business cards issuance and hold these cards before the approval/setting of the credit limit.

Interest: ROBOR 3M + 8.15; 9.15; 10.15 p.p., depending on the class of financial performance.

Minimum limit of credit: 5.000 lei

Maximum credit limit*:
- up to 80.000 RON for the new customers, without exposure to the Bank;
- up to 200.000 RON for the customers which already register exposure to the Bank lower or equal to 1 million Lei when submitting the application;
- up to 350.000 RON for the customers which already register exposure to the Bank higher than 1 million Lei, guaranteed when submitting the application.
*not higher than 15% of the annual turnover (according to the last annual balance sheet submitted and registered).

The crediting period: 24 months extendable.

Fees: currently there are not charged the commissions specified to the legal persons crediting (commission of dossier analyze and commission of credit line administration).

Minimum accounts receivables rollover: 10% of the amount used at the end of the previous month.

CEC Bank offers the possibility to legal persons to pay the salaries of their employees into personal accounts using VISA Electron debit card and/or MasterCard debit card. The cards are used both on the Romanian territory and abroad, for direct payments to traders or cash withdrawals.

When use this modern solution for salary payment, the employer beneficiates of:
- elimination of expenses, of the risks and time used for handling the cash on salary payment days
- reducing expenses related to the personnel which administrate the cash to the company’s registered office
- CEC Bank provides FOR FREE the service of individual card account replenishment with salaries transferred by the employer into the accounts opened in the CEC Bank network

In addition, your employees may beneficiate of the overdraft facility, under extremely advantageous conditions.