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The cards used exclusively in Romania may be used for buying goods and/or services, but only from the traders` sites in Romania.

The cards of international use may be used on all the virtual traders` sites, both Romanian and foreigner.

Not every trader having a virtual shop is part of the secure e-commerce.

The traders enrolled for 3 D Secure system may be identified if one or both logos of the VISA and/or MasterCard Card International Organisations appears when you access their site: Verified by VISA and/or MasterCard Secure Code.

We recommend that you use only good reputation traders, preferably those having the VISA and MasterCard logos for the secure e-commerce.

If you use the Verified By VISA/MasterCard Secure Code password in public places, you should make sure this is not seen by other people.

We recommend the use of computers equipped with antivirus programs.

The deactivation of the sites you access from home or from public places after finishing the operation.

You may renounce to make shopping if you consider that certain elements on the accessed site are “strange”.

Enter the series of your card only after you are informed about all commercial elements of the transaction: price, currency used in the transaction, delivery term.

It is important to memorize the trader`s data, both his/her name and his/her e-mail, phone numbers, the contact persons. It is also important to print the confirmation of your shopping, and if this is not possible, please write the number of your order, which is a number granted by the trader.

If you suspect that your activation password is known by another person, then please inform the Bank. You may choose a new activation password as the aforementioned and the card activation process for 3D Secure E-Commerce is restarted.

The Bank shall not be held responsible for online transactions performed with your cards from unsecured traders, in Romania or/and abroad.

For more information please call to the following numbers:
+ 40-(0)21-315.93.32 / 315.71.00.